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May 29, 2007 09:24 AM

Family-Friendly in Midtown?

Am heading to Atlanta for the wedding in a couple of weeks and would really appreciate some hound-friendly and family-friendly recs in Midtown around the High Museum. Many thanks.

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  1. there are a ton of great restaurants in that area, as far as family friendly near the High i would recommend:
    South City Kitchen (on crescent) - good southern food
    Murphys (at virginia and highland) - good all around food with a great wine list
    La Tavola Trattoria (also at virginia and highland) - italian
    vortex (on peachtree) great hamburgers

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    1. re: jeffbatl

      You might take The Vortex off that list- IIRC, they avoided the smoking ban by not allowing anyone under 18 in.

      1. re: ted

        that is a good point. i forgot about that.

    2. If you have access to a car, your choices are limitless. How old are the parties you will be traveling with? South City Kitchen is wonderful and within walking distance, but be aware that the space is pretty tight and can be quite noisy. It may not be appropriate for very young children. Food-wise, Einstein's is okay, but the porch and patio is good for kids and it's a quick walk from the High Museum. Further down at Piedmont and 14th, there are several restaurants that are family friendly.

      If you have transportation, Mary Mac's on Ponce de Leon is a southern restaurant, and a great place for families. Alon's on Highland Ave. is a fantastic bakery that makes wonderful sandwiches. Java Jive on Ponce de Leon is a funky breakfast joint.

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        Thanks for all of these suggestions. They are very helpful. The parties involved include 3 generations ranging in age from 8 months to grandparents at 66. All are fairly well-behaved and reasonably adventurous diners (ok, the grand parents aren't really always too adventurous). We will have a car but would prefer to keep the driving to a minimum. We had been thinking about Mary Mac's and South City Kitchen so good to see recommendations for those. Any ones in particular you recommend around Piedmont and 14th St. Thanks again.