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Greek in Manhattan

Please tell me your favorite Greek restaurants in Manhattan?

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  1. Ethos, on 3rd Av., b/t 33rd & 34th Sts. They specialize in whole fish which you can choose from the pristine selection on ice. It's then skillfully grilled and filleted tableside by your server. Terrific roasted lemon potatoes and, usually, tasty stewed green bean come with it. Start with a variety of the delicious hot and cold mezzes, and end with the on-the-house sweet. A perfect meal! Of course, there are lots of other excellent items on the menu, including lamb dishes cooked and served in clay pots. Service is friendly and efficient, and the space has pleasant taverna-style ambiance.


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      totally highly agree with ETHOS rec. prices are rather reasonable too all in all.

      rather than traditional greek, if you want to go for a modern take on greek food than i would just as highly rec PAREA.

    2. Snack Taverna, Pylos, and Kefi are all solid. I also agree w/RGR's rec of Ethos.

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        Second for Pylos. We are going again this Friday.

      2. I like Thalassa in Tribeca. They specialize in seafood, and have a variety of sparkling fresh fish to choose from. For dessert they offer a delicious version of Galactobouriko, one of my all-time favorites.

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          ChefJune- couple of questions.

          What is Thalassa's pricing like?
          Do they offer any non seafood options with veggie/chicken/etc?

          Thank you!

        2. I am a huge fan of the original Snack in Soho, the one half the size of your bathroom. It's a such a cute and charming place with a friendly staff; they serve honest and straightforward food with a small but intelligent selection of Greek wine.

          Their spanikopita is no good, but their seafood and Greek spreads are phenomenal.

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            I also like Molyvos on 7th ave and 50-something. It's getting a little long in the tooth and is too touristy for some, but I've had consistently good meals there. It's pricy, and I wouldn't necessarily shell out for their entrees (though i love their braised rabbit), but go for the meze--it's perhaps the best in the city! Nice selection of ouzo and good wine too. Not a bad spot for bar dining, though it gets a tad rambunctious after work.

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              Avra, 48th and lex.
              also Trata Estatorio on E 72nd

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                Not a fan of Avra. Last time I went service was slow and prices were high, ambience is lovely.

          2. Really love Pylos. You can share plates and the prices won't break the bank.

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              i will third pylos wholeheartedly. really, really love it.

            2. I love Periyali in Gramercy and Kefi on the upper west side. On another note, I recently went to Uncle Nick's in midtown/times square area and would not recommend it.

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                Hey, jrazzle, We've always had very good food at Uncle Nick's, but we haven't been there recently, so could you tell us what problems you encountered?

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                  I'm curious to hear about the problems at Uncle Nick's as well. I hadn't been in years but stopped by last Friday night. The meatballs in wine sauce appetizer was really great as was the lamb souvlaki sandwich. I wasn't fond of their tzatziki as it seemed a bit more chunky than I would have liked.

                  Initially, one of the servers asked us if we wanted to eat at the bar when we walked in even though there were approximately 6 free tables! He looked angry when we declined and then proceeded to seat us at a table on top of another couple. It was a tight squeeze that would have been very uncomfortable for both parties. This is one thing I will never understand. If there are tons of free tables and it's 1 hour and a half before closing, why the heck do we need to sit on top of each other!?!?!?

                  When we tried to politely object, he just ignored us. So, we walked over to the table for two behind that table and sat down. When he saw us a few minutes later, he then decided he would just ignore us and not bring any menus. Finally, after about 10 minutes, a very sweet female server came over and the service was great from there on in.

                  So, it's not the best Greek food ever (I've been to Greece and also grew up eating homecooked Greek food at a friend's house), but it's better than many places I've tried. They need to get rid of that server, though, b/c we noticed that he was nasty to everyone.

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                    Since when has Uncle Nick's had bar seating? I'm trying to picture where in the space they would locate a bar.

                    I agree with you that the food at Uncle Nick's is good, not great.

                    While we've never had any rude waiters, such as the one you describe, in all honesty, not one that we've ever had deserved a "Mr. Personality" medal. The most that could be said for them is that they got the job done. And I don't remember ever having a female server, so maybe she's new?

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                      Uncle Nick's has two separate entrances. Facing the place, there's the entrance on the left which, I believe, has a grill on the right and seating on the left. Not 100% sure of the layout in that section as I haven't been in years.

                      The other entrance is to the right of the first entrance (again, if you are facing the place) with a couple of tables out front and, when you walk in, the bar is on the right and there are tables on the left - 4-5 tables deep and approximately 5-6 rows.

                      Soujnds like you've been in the former section, perhaps with the male waiters, all struggling to obtain that Mr. Personality medal you've mentioned! The latter section has several female servers, almost outnumbering the male servers.

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                        Based on your description, it's clear that you went to the Ouzeria (which we've never tried), not the original restaurant. You are basically correct about the layout in the latter, i.e., counter and cooking area to the right, tables to the left, but there is also a sizable dining area in the rear.

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                          Yes, the Ouzeria serves the smaller plates and wine (thus called 'ouzeria'), and has a slightly different menu than their place next door. same owners, though. perhaps same kitchen? not sure.

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                          Ouzeria is where you went to. It has an entirely diffeent menu and own kitchen/grill. This is a place you go for meze(small plates) and ouzo :) The atmosphere and rhythm is much different than Uncle Nicks. I like Ouzeria because i order one or two apps and lots of ouzo. Sit at the bar....

                          1. re: anil

                            yes and it's open way later than their place next door.

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                      I had actually read about Uncle Nick's on here, so I suggested it for a group dinner when we had some friends in from out of town who wanted to go out for Greek food. The service was one of the disappointments. Two of us ordered the halibut entree (a special that night I think) and after our appetizers came out, the server came to tell us that there was no halibut and that we would have to order a different fish. We ended up with bass, which was just bland--nothing special. Another person in our party ordered the beef kabobs, which came out rare and had to be sent back. Two others had the lamb chops and they were not impressed. I had one of the lamb chops and thought it wasn't bad; however, I have had much better lamb elsewhere. We liked the saganaki and the salads we ordered as starters, but we weren't fans of our main courses. Perhaps it was just a bad night there...

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                      I also like Periyali. It's not new or trendy, just consistently good. There are better value places like Pylos in the EV (can get noisy & lively, tables are close).

                    4. Definitely Snack in Soho, love their tuna. Definitely casual, service...off and on.
                      Thalassa is amazing--from the butter to the wine list to their cheese plate to the fish options.
                      I remember another place in the 40's near Lex that was great. Wonderful appetizers.

                      1. Went to Kellari last night in midtown- it was awesome. I highly recommend and I am usually pretty picky when it comes to Greek. most recommended is the grilled calimari and the grilled octopus. Flat out remarkable.

                        1. Nikos on the UWS is delicious, as long as you are not looking for ambiance. Food is excellent- best spanikopita i've had.