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May 29, 2007 09:12 AM

Kosher in D.C.?

Hi Chowhounders!
Does anyone have some tips on great kosher restaurants in D.C.?
Thanks in advance.

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    1. Washington DC kosher survery results-

      Discussion of DC kosher restaurants-

      1. BS"D

        I'm a big believer in David Dahan's food. He used to have l'Etoil, but that closed. But he always had the cafe at the JCC, and when I was traveling selling my wines, that was always a great place to stop, with some very good food. It was milchig, but I guess when L'Etoil closed, I heard they went fleishig. In any case, I haven't been there in years, but if it's still a Dahan establishment, I'd go there without hesitation.

        Goldberg's Bagels in Silver Spring is owned and operated by a friend of mine, Dan Keleman. He's a great guy, and he'll do his best to satisfy his customers. And what's not to like about bagels? Dan knows how to cook, too- he grew up in the nonkosher restaurant biz in southern California, but he's probably limited in what he can actually do at Goldberg's, because I figure it must be milchig. But just so you know, he knows how to make great meat, and used to cater quite a bit in San Jose, CA, where he used to run the local kosher meat market/deli/store.

        1. Thanks for all your help! My best friend just moved to DC (she's actually getting involved with some folks in the Silver Springs area) and I can't wait to visit her and try these restuarants.

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            Pita Plus in College Park is a great Kosher meat restaurant. haven't been in awhile but the homemade pita is delicious.
            for the best shwarma there is Max's in Silver Spring. my daughter just returned from 3 months in Israel and preferred the shwarma at Max's to what she ate there!