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May 29, 2007 09:03 AM

Wine tasting event at Tribune.

I know UR is expecting a good review for the wine tasting he hosted at Tribune last night, and here it is!

We had a great time, Tribune is such a great place! I hope they maintain their quality and price point as well as the level of service. The price of this event was good value as well.

The food was great, the wine was great (so nice to experience some lesser known and smaller quantity produced wines of Austrailia) and together the food and wine were even better. We even learned a thing or two!!

I think everyone enjoyed themselves, it seemed like a fun, friendly group - no wine snobs :)

Our favorite wine of the evening was the Wayne Thomas Petit Verdot, our favorite appetizer was the bison meatball that was paired with it...The sparkling Chardonay at the beginning was a treat too.

UR- Please let us know of the next event! You've aquired a couple more regulars!!

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  1. It was an excellent, well run, well planned event. Loved the wines and the pairings too. My favourite was the onion tart made with truffle flour. Nice blend of flavours. The wines were yummy and I agree - the sparkling Chardonnay was a star. Thanks to ureviewcalgary for organizing the event.

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      Glad you made it out! Loved Guinness!

    2. Glad you enjoyed the event and thanks for the kind words. It's a good crowd that comes out and I enjoy putting these kinds of evenings on and flying "under the radar" with limited advertising. I'll definitely invite you out again! I'll also post a follow up detailing where all the wines from that evening can be purchased...too bad you left when you did because the wine folks broke out about another 6 bottles that weren't part of the line-up and they let us quaff at will (yikes). Having Russell in from Australia was a good thing because he had a lot more product to promote than we could cover during the "formal" tasting! LOL

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        Oh my %&*$%!@! That would have been the end of me. I was already pretty toasted when I left. I can't imagine the trouble I would have wound up in if I had stayed and tried six more. Besides, my husband, who does not drink wine, was next door at the bookstore and has been known to spend a fortune there if left unsupervised for too long.

        BTW I thought I had written down the details of the sparkling chardonnay but I did not. What was that heavenly nectar?

        1. re: higgika

          Wayne Thomas Sparkling Chardonnay, I don't recall the price point. Does anyone remember if Leslie told us?

          1. re: ureviewcalgary

            i don't think she told us and I forgot to ask...

            too bad we missed the extra wines!! do you have a list of them by chance?

            1. re: pants

              The Wayne Thomas is $18 a bottle. As for the extra wines....the Cabernet and the Shiraz from Kidman were both unreal. Very unique wines with strong eucalyptus flavor...but in a good way. Does that makes sense? Anyway I am waiting to see if these wines will make it to Calgary and what the price will be. I'll keep you posted.

              1. re: ureviewcalgary

                thanks! $18 isn't so bad.

                Yeah, we had a chat with Russell about the eucalyptus - I don't mind it, but I would prefer it with food.

      2. In case anyone wants to pick some up!

        Wayne Thomas Petit Verdot
        Kensington Wine Market, Kensington Road NW 283-8000
        Maria's Fine Wine's 535 10th St Sw 261-0010
        Royal Liquor Merchants 526 4th Ave Sw 531-2770
        Britannia Wine Merchants ( Next week) 810 49th Ave Sw 287-3833
        Cellar (Next week) 100, 137-8 Ave SW 503-0730