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May 29, 2007 09:02 AM

dupont farmers' market

Can anyone give me information re: Dupont Circle's farmers' market? When? Where? Worth staying in town for to take goodies home?

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  1. Absolutely worth the stay. Best if you bring a cooler chest in case you buy perishables. If not, get some pastry and bread from Bonaparte Bakery, fresh artisinal breads, asparagus and strawberries which are in season. .....just to name a few. The local producers and artisans offer amazing goods which they produce soley on thier own. Basically, you are looking at the breadmaker, the cheesemonger, the butcher, the jam maker etc....
    Here's the website:

    check out the site to see who is the "Chef at the Market" when you are visiting.

    1. If you decide not to stay over until Sunday, the same group that sponsors the Dupont market runs the H Street Market on Saturday mornings. Much smaller but it has some of the same farmers. Details at the website that monavano provided. Go early as they sell out quickly.
      Or hit Eastern Market on 7th Street, SE on Capital Hill. Fabulous historic market recently damaged by fire but coming back strong. Lots of vendors plus restaurants and coffee shops galore.

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        How does the Takoma Park Sunday market compare to these two? My instinct tells me it would be more homey?

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          I'd go to the Courthouse market before Takoma's, personally. Plus the berries right now at courthouse are INCREDIBLE.

          1. re: msazadi

            Never been to Takoma. I can walk to Eastern Market and FreshFarm's H Street Market. The RFK farmers' market and the Florida Avenue Market are about a mile from my house. Organic stuff, local produce, great things, my cup runneth over.

            Find the best markets you can closest to your house. They're popping up everywhere. New ones in Brookland and U Street. Hard to go wrong this time of year.

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              I alternate between Takoma and Dupont. Dupont has cheeses from Blue Ridge that are fabulous, esp. the feta, and perhaps more diverse options overall (including crab cakes and soaps), but I tend to buy more at Takoma. I've been getting fabulous strawberries and asparagus there lately.

              1. re: Chocolatechipkt

                How big is Blue Ridge? They do the FreshFarm markets at Penn Quarter and Silver Spring in addition to Dupont Circle. Also Eastern Market - I think Saturday and Sunday. Have no idea how many other markets they go to.
                The FreshFarm market are really good but prices are high, reflecting the sometimes unusual products presented. I get much better prices at Eastern Market, often for the same or similar things. That's where I get most of my actual food-food. That might be true as well for Takoma, Brookland, Courthouse, and some of the other neighborhood markets.
                Saves gas and time. If you can walk or bike, even better.