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May 29, 2007 09:01 AM

Chef Taka in La Mesa is history

One of the neighborhood restos we liked was Chef Taka on El Cajon Blvd, just west of Parks. It was convenient to home, had pretty good Japanese and a changing menu of what I'd call Japanese fusion food, and seemed to do a brisk business. I understood this was the same chef who founded Taka in the gaslamp, but I don't know if he's still associated with it or not.

Anyway, something around three months ago, the place closed without explanation. There was no indication of what was going on, but the tables inside were set and the fixtures were intact. About a month later, a hand lettered sign on the door said the closure was due to a family emergency, but that Taka was okay and they would reopen "soon." Last Friday, we swung by again to check, and found the building undergoing renovation and a three day pay-or-quit notice on the front door. They were a reliable neighborhood place with some things that you didn't see at other Japanese joints. Sorry to see them go.
. . . jim strain

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  1. Thanks for the update, Jim. Have you ever tried Toshi Sushi (El Cajon & 60th)? It's another dependable neighborhood sushi place without the loud music and scene they have at Tokyo Sushi (which with Taka gone is, I think, the only other nearby sushi option). The service can be lacking, but the food usually makes up for it.

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      Thanks for the tip. We do like Tokyo Sushi, but more than once we've decided on somewhere else just because we didn't want to have to scream at each other. We'll give Toshi a try.
      . . . jim strain

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        Beyond the noise at Tokyo Sushi- which is excessive- the reason we prefer Toshi is that it's better quality and a more interesting menu. One of our favorite non-sushi items is the soft-shell crab appetizer. It's like $5 for a whole crab - and it's tasty too.