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May 29, 2007 09:01 AM

Thalia in Times Sq. area for dinner?

A friend from out of town recommended having dinner this weekend at Thalia. I just checked the Manhattan board and this restaurant has gotten mediocre reviews from chowhounders. But many of the messages are very dated. Has anyone dined there recently? What did you think?

Should I suggest an alternative? She's staying at a hotel in the Times Square area.


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  1. It is very mediocre indeed, but I too haven't been back in a year (for good reason). For that price point there are many superior options in the area, just go one block west to 9th avenue (much more pleasant environs than 8th anyway). Anything from Marseille to Hells Kitchen to the Hudson Cafeteria to the new Landmarc at the time warner center. If you're attached to the idea of a raw bar, I guess there's always Blue Fin.

    1. Agreed; very, very mediocre. Personally, I'd point my friend to a Hell's Kitchen restaurant or just tell them to make the 10 minute walk to Korea Town!