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May 29, 2007 08:52 AM

Memorial Weekend in Newport

We ate at the Spiced Pear for our first meal on Friday evening and it was spectacular: tremendous wine list, delicious crab cakes, lamb, wild boar. The service was respectable but not at the level of the cuisine. We would definitely go back in a heart beat.

After the Spiced Pear, it was downhill fast in Newport. We had heard good things about Flo's and, I must say, it had the look of a wonderful, local seafood dive joint. What a disappointment! Gelatinous chowder that was more potato soup than clam chowder and soggy fried clams with cold Sodexho french fries. Local charm, my a##.

We also went to Puerini's (sp?) the final night and it was middling. Nice fresh pasta and some truly impressive veal (their specialty, with good reason), but the marinara on the pasta was sickly sweet and about 3x too much. The antipasta was terrible and the service (granted, new waitress) was a disaster. Get the veal to go........

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  1. I've never understood the Flo's hype.

    One of my favorite spots in Newport for a quick bite is the poolside lunch spot at the Hyatt (or whatever Goat Island is called these days). Not much to choose from (I usually get the swordfish sandwich), but you are sitting what feels like just feet from the Newport Bridge - gorgeous view, frozen drinks, reggae music.

    1. Flo's is really all about the place and the view - not the food. For Italian, the best is Pasta Beach - pizza, pasta and salads only, but very good. I'm glad to hear about Spiced Pear, they have been through a lot of changes and I have been very reluctant to go back. If you are in town again, try Spark, Tuckers, Zelda's and Cooke House (not the Sky Bar). Overall, it is difficult to find quality that matches the prices in Newport... its a tourist town!

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        weve had a couple of good meals [mostly appes] at 'pour judgement" on broadway ,its in the old "friends" spot.its at the bottom of broadway ,near courthouse,they also have a great beer list. Flos has been horrible for a few years now,if you want the good fried clams or whatever you gotta go up to evelyns in tiverton or to quitos in bristol. the Flos in ports mouth is the same crap as in newport,its to bad,but nothing ever really lasts .bummer.but they keep going,.sorry to sound so down,but we used to go to flos a lot when they first opened up in middletown,the raw bar was great,great bartenders,etc. after a year or two,they doubled the prices,the old crew left,and the food just took a dive .basically they got greedy.bye flos hello Quitos and Evelyns!!!