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May 29, 2007 08:49 AM

summer in the city!

now that the nice weather is finally here, i am looking for some great places to eat (and drink) outdoors. i don't want anything too pretentious or snooty. just really good drinks, good food, and some fresh air.
anywhere that has good sangria would be a bonus. i have had some ok sangria in boston, but it is often too sweet and artificial tasting.
thank you!

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  1. Taberna de Haro on Beacon St. for tapas and sangria, Barking Crab for seafood and beer.

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      I second Taberna de Haro. I think it's the best spanish tapas place in Boston. Another nice restaurant to eat outside is Sol Azteca, a block down Beacon St. from Taberna de Haro.

    2. Unfortunately Boston is somewhat lacking in good al fresco dining spots. Unofrtunately the old Upstairs at the Pudding was my favorite.

      The garden at Oleana is a personal favorite. The patio at Eastern Standard is good, though I don't know how fresh the air is right in the middle of Kenmore Square. If it is sangria you want, Tapeo on Newbury Street is decent and the people watching is top notch.

      My favorite part about summer in the city is that many students are gone and others are headed to the Cape etc. It is much easier to park and get reservations!