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May 29, 2007 08:46 AM

Nori-wrapped salmon?

A couple weeks ago in the "simple but impressive" topic thread, a fellow Chowhounder mentioned a salmon dish with a ginger/tamari marindade. The real interest was in the crust, which was wet nori wrapped around the salmon and then baked. The poster said that the nori would crisp up during the baking process.
I tried it, and while the fish was juicy and flavorful, the seaweed did not crisp up.
During prep., I did not soak the seaweed as instructed because it kept tearing. Instead, I brushed each sheet with water and brushed extra water around the seams to set. So, the seaweed did not go into the oven sopping wet, but it still came out soft and mushy.
How can I get a nice crunchy seaweed crunch around the fish? Thanks in advance!

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  1. I have done salmon wrapped in nori multiple ways. Long sticks of marinated salmon cut and rolled in nori and I have recently done a cooked sushi method where I split a center cut piece of salmon in half and pounded it out to fit a sheet of nori. Patted sushi rice on the nori, then laid the salmon along with other sushi roll ingredients or even spinach or leek then rolled as you would sushi and cooked. I use a fry pan with a thin coating of oil and roll the salmon rolls in the pan browning on all sides at a medium heat, remove and cut. The nori will crisp up this way and it only takes a short time to cook.

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      Thanks for your help, but this is less of a roll and more of a pocket. Also, I'm ironing out the kinks so I can serve it to my Dad and the less frying, the better.

    2. How hot was your oven? I tried this the other day too and it crisped up reasonably well.

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        Oh, good question - 350...too low?