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May 29, 2007 08:35 AM

Lumberjacks, Redding report w/ pics

We went here for breakfast after a weekend of camping. They have breakfast, lunch & dinner here. Breakfast items seem like the typical food you can get anywhere.

I ordered the griddle combo: choice of pancakes (2), French toast or waffle. Served w/ 2 eggs & choice of bacon or link sausage $7.89. I got the waffle which was ok. I ordered scrambled eggs which I didn't like-not fluffy at all. Sausage was ok.

Friend who's over 55 yrs old got to order off the Senior Menu. He had 2 pancakes, 2 eggs, & sausage for $5.99. He enjoyed it.

Other friend got breakfast classic $7.49- country potatoes, bacon, 2 eggs, & biscuit w/ gravy. He didn't like the biscuit w/ gravy--mostly gravy, but he ate all of the other stuff.

Orange juice is Not fresh-squeezed, probably from a jug of Minute Maid. Just ok, nothing special $2.49 a glass.

They take credit cards & separate bathrooms though only 1 toilet/sink in each.

Decent if in the area, but nothing special.

501 E Cypress Ave
Redding, CA 96001
(530) 223-2820


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  1. that place sure looks familiar--from the 60's!

    those eggs do look regrettable.

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    1. re: toodie jane

      The sad thing is - this place isn't from the 60's - it just opened a few years ago. I've only eaten there once and they had as a special banana bread french toast. It was pretty yummy if you are in the mood for a very sweet breakfast. For breakfast in Redding we sometimes go to a place just across Cypress and West of Lumberjack's called "Jeff's California Cattle Company." It's actually owned by the same guy who owns Lumberjacks. I have actually craved their pancakes, but just got some substandard ones this past Monday a.m. Since we've been happy with the pancakes, we haven't tried much else.

      I just saw a banner on my favorite Redding mexican place "Fat Burrito." (They used to be called Mi Pueblito and changed the name for some reason.) Anyway, they are now serving breakfast burritos so I am aiming to give that a try since there aren't any really good places to recommend for breakfast in Redding. Fat Burrito is just East of I-5 on Cypress St. in a small shopping center next door to Walgreen's.

      1. re: ThisNThat

        please report--we'll be passing through to Oregon in July; woould love any tips!

        It's frustrating to find something you like and then get a different product because the cooks change so often. I'm sure consistency is the bugaboo of restaurantiers.

        1. re: ThisNThat

          Hi, I'm not sure if you have already tried their breakfasta burritos. If you have can you tell me how it was? Thanks waiting for a reply.