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Ceviche and Wine

I'm taking 2 good friends to dinner next week and they've asked for "somewhere that has amazing ceviche (fish, not shrimp) and a great white or rose selection." My favorite ceviche in the city is Lima's Taste on Christopher and Bedford, but the wine selection is pretty limited. Any suggestions? I need to knock this one out of the park. Thanks!

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  1. I went to Esca about 2 weeks ago to do the crudo tasting and was very happy with the food. They probably have the widest selection of fish / seafood crudo and ceviche in NYC. Their pasta was also very good.

    They have quite a big selection of wine, but I am not a wine expert, so I can't comment on the quality of the selection. The link to the website is here:


    1. I've had very nice ceviche at Lucy on 18th btwn Park and Bway. Their winelist ins very good as well. Check it out.


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        Didn't have the ceviche at Lucy's but loved everything I had there!

        Calle Ocho has great ceviche as well, with awesome mojitos and sangria if the UWS isn't too far for you

      2. There is a new place called Crave Ceviche and Wine bar opening on 2nd avenue between 50th and 51st. I live around the corner so I am anxiously awaiting its opening, but I don't know when it will be good to go. I peeked in a couple of weeks ago, and it looks like they were pretty close to the decorating stage. Floor and bar were in, but of course I have no idea about the kitchen, CO, liquor licenses etc...

        Anyone else have any info?

        1. Bar Americain has some nice ceviches.

          1. Thank you guys for these great suggestions. Elizabeth, how is Bar Americain overall? It's not too douchey-midtown, is it?

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              I've been to Bar Americain twice now, very happy to have found a good restaurant near the downtown Hilton, where I normally end up on business. The first time I went there was for dinner and to be honest, I didn't even realize it was a Bobby Flay restaurant until a few weeks later. I had the duck with dirty rice which I thought was very good and not greasy. I thought the price was a little on the high side, but reasonable considering the neighborhood.

              The 2nd time I went was just a couple of weeks ago for lunch. I had the swordfish sandwich, which was fine, if a bit mediocre, especially for the price ($23).

              The atmosphere is your typical medium sized restaurant, all spit-shined and polished. It's not very intimate, but airy.

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                Honestly, I have no real complaints, other that inattentive service at the end. The decor is nice, similar but more updated than the other Flay places. We got the Seafood Platter (called something like that) and for $75 it had tons and tons of fresh raw seafood & ceviches. There were 7 of us sharing, and we all had plenty each thing. They also let us replace oysters with clams, as most of the group doesn't eat oysters. It is big enough to be dinner for 2, plus an app/dessert.

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                  Bar Americain gets murdered on this board, but the seafood platter it has is one of the best ive ever had.

                  We were 2 people and we ordered the small platter. I forget how much it was, but it i remember it being pretty reasonable and it was absolutely enormous. It would have been a large app for 6 ppl.

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                  i've heard good things but never been. it looks awesome, and the ceviche tasting might be ideal. it's not too stuffy is it? it looks like a beige townhouse.

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                    I really like Pampano, especially sitting outside on the Terrace in the summer. I don't hate the service, but don't love it either. However, the quality of the food wonderful and the novelty of sitting on a 2nd floor terrace in midtown is really nice. It isn't cheap, but I think it is a better bang for the buck than some of the comparable places in the area.

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                      I don't think of Pampano as being stuffy at all - inside it loses its "beige townhouse" exterior, so to speak! Loved the one meal I had there, and they have a lunch prix fixe which is a good value as well.

                  2. very good ceviche at Mancora on 1st Ave. and 6th St.
                    wines are not that great, but the sangria makes up for it

                    1. Rock. Thanks for all the suggestions, everybody.

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                        FOLLOW UP. We ended up at Pampano and had an incredible dinner. The townhouse was pretty ugly, in my opinion, and the service was kind of bumbling and charming -- fine by me, it's not a formal place and they were very attentive and nice. The food, however, was outstanding. Ceviches were great, goat cheese and red snapper quesidilla was great, and the fish entrees were outstanding, especially the swordfish with a potato-caper fondue. Oysters rolled in blue cornmeal with black bean and mango pico de gallo was probably the highlight of the evening. Wine list was full of good choices. We also got a spot on the terrace, which was ideal for summer. Good times had by all. Thanks again to everyone for the recommendations.

                      2. Mercadito is really good on Ave B. They also have a 7th ave space. The one on B is a better vibe though.