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May 29, 2007 08:03 AM

Bagels in Wicker Park

Some good friends of mine have recently moved from NYC to Chicago and are desperately seeking good NY style bagels. They live in Wicker Park. Does anyone have any recommendations?


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  1. I am not aware of a great bagel place in Wicker Park. I therefore usually head east on North Avenue to New York Bagel Deli at 1001 W. North Ave, which is a short drive away )(depending on traffic).

    1. Good bagels are rare in Chicago (sigh). NY style bagels seem to only live in NY (or in Skokie, but that's not near Wicker Park). There's a place called New York Bagel and Biali up there.

      I like the Chicago Bagel Authority on Armitage in Lincoln Park...they've got good sandwiches and they make the bagels themselves.