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May 29, 2007 07:20 AM

Cafe Nation (Brighton Ctr)

I think that's the name, they do (or did) crepes. Are they still there? I drove by kind of looking for it and there's a Boca Grande where I think it was. I saw a coupon for them in the Dig not long ago so maybe BG is completely new. Can anyone fill me in (sorry if this has been discussed already, don't remember seeing it).

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  1. I think that BG has been there awhile, almost a year, pretty sure Cafe Nation is still there. Isn't Cafe Nation across the street?

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    1. re: galleygirl

      GG is correct on both counts. Cafe Nation is still there and it's OK for crepes soups and salads but not really chowish. Good place for a coffee and reading the paper.

      1. re: galleygirl

        They're on the same sides of the street. CafeNation is just a couple doors down from BG.

      2. It's still there, and it's down the street from BG. Not sure about the crepes though.

        1. I'm there maybe once a week. The more I eat there, the more I think the crepes are just so-so, but the spicy tuna is really good on a salad, the smoothies are tasty (although I do wish they'd be a bit more forthcoming about exactly what's in them), and they have a really good dark roast coffee. If you go, note that it can get very hot and very crowded very quickly on the weekends.

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            Glad they're still there. As far as hot and crowded, I just wanted a relaxing lunch yesterday (after weeding out 8 huge trash bags of clothes and still counting) and everywhere I went in JP was too hot. Only JP Licks had their AC on, what's up with that?