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May 29, 2007 06:37 AM

Eating on Mackinac Island

We will be staying on the island at a B&B (1st time on the island) for 2 nights in August. Would love to to have eating suggestions (dinners, lunches, good dessert/ice cream places,etc.) for while we are there. We are open to all foods. Although our fondness and comfort level are family run/good food type of places, we are open to a special dining experience. Has anyone had any experience with dinner at the Grand Hotel? Any and all suggestions would be very much appreciated.

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  1. The restaurant in the Iroquois Hotel is highly regarded. My wife and I really enjoyed it.

    We also liked the Yankee Rebel, but most other things we tried were pretty much what you'd expect from looking at the menu in the window. Which isn't bad, of course, just not too remarkable.

    The Grand Hotel - all depends how you feel about the exclusivity of the place. If that sounds like fun, check it out. If you think it would get on your nerves, you might not enjoy yourselves.


    1. I have enjoyed the Pink Pony at the Chippewa Hotel, prices were not too terrible. Just stay away when everyone descends on the place after the Chicago-Mackinac yacht race - whenever that is this year!!

      1. Had lunch at the Grand one year, I think it is a must, more for the experience than the food. Dinner I think was still suit and tie only last time we checked in our civvies. Mission Pointe resort had invested in a good chef last time we were there. Lunch at the fort was beautiful overlooking the lake and food was good too. Good luck.

        1. I have always enjoyed a lunch at the Bistro on the Greens at the Mission Point Resort.

          It is an outdoor cafe type of a spot with good food and a great view/atmosphere. On a nice day you can't beat it. Plus it is a little less crowded that some of the other places more along the main drag.

          1. Just eat fudge the whole time!! lol Think there is bout 10 fudge shops. We like Patrick Sinclair's Irish Pub.
            The Irish Pub is a great place for laid-back fun. They have tons of paraphanilia involving the Irish, and there is often live entertainment. This is quite possibly my favorite restaurant on the island, just because of its lively atmosphere and the friendly wait staff. It's even one of the few restaurants open during the winter, and the people there are as cheery in December as they are in July.

            The Potato Soup in a Sourdough Breadbowl-- their potato soup is amazing (in true Irish fashion) and the breadbowl is just an added bonus. I've been eating this for years and it hasn't got old; in fact, it may have gotten better.