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Oct 20, 2005 01:58 AM

mexican cheese dip

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im not sure if this is purely an americanized mexican restaurant offering or not, but i dont care =). there was a wonderful mexican restaurant i went to in florida before i moved here that had queso dip, a white chesse dip that was absolutley amazing. every other mexican restaurant i ever went to in florida had this. where can i find a mexican restaurant that serves this cheese dip AND is super yummy?

thanks in advance.

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  1. When I lived in Florida, many many years ago (and had to leave for it's lack of true chow), one of the big things was Rotel cheese dip. All it consists of is a can of Rotel tomatoes and chilies and Velveeta. My guess is, that's what you were eating!

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      velveeta is yellow, and this is definitley not, not, not velveeta....ugh.

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        why not post on the florida board and find out how it's made at these restaurants - or should that be on the home cooking board?

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          Too many years of Florida living! It's a terrible thing to know that they do now (or at least did) make white version of Velveeta (not that that's necessarily what you had). Haut cuisine takes on different meanings in different places!

      2. I believe the dish you are looking for is "queso fundido".

        1. I had a queso something at Los Jarritos on South Van Ness (at 20th) that was very good. . .more a melted white cheddar cheese, definitely not Velveeta. No Rotel tomatoes, either, though. It was good.

          Amy H.

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            That's queso fundido, or melted cheese. It's usually somewhat akin to a jack cheese, with things like bits of chorizo in there to spice it up. It's exceptional sort of squished on to fresh made tortillas, with bits of guack on chips, etc. Ahh, memories of Mexico.

            Oh, and yes, melted fatty cheese with fatty sausage is not good for your heart, but it's good for your tongue.

            This dish is always served hot, so the cheese doesn't solidify. It also usually comes out with a slightly browned top from the oven. I think the original poster is looking for something else, as this isn't so much a dip as a melted mass of stringy cheese.

            1. re: Steve G

              You can get queso fundito con choritzo at Chava's for
              something like $6. It's a "starter" ... it's a ~5in
              diameter cast iron skillet filled with cheese and sausage.

              It's pretty over the top even for two people ... I was just
              there tonight with one of my gluttonous associates [while his
              wife was at an office event at Boulevard] ... and we both used
              to eat bacon by the pound, so we're not talking about easily-
              intimidated-by-grease company.

              Chava's -> Mission St, just below 24th.

              Really excellent mixed fruit agua fresca on offer at the

              Friendly place as well. This place totally blows away
              recently discussed Mi Antojitos ... or more formally ...
              Chava's is pareto superior to Mi Anto.

          2. This "queso" I believe is more tex-mex than mexican. I have had it in Texas but California mexican restaurants tend to stick to more original mexican food.

            1. I just returned from my home state, South Carolina, where my sister introduced me to a very small Mexican restaurant called "El Jalisco" (pronounced with a hard J there). They served a melted white queso with chips-only the cheese, very runny, and the chips. Nothing added to the cheese. It was OK but would have been much more exciting with some additions.

              I was amused at the menu-every main and al la carte dish was available with (and almost always ordered with) ground beef. No carnitas on the menu but, when I asked the waiter, he laughed and said "anything you want".

              Of course, I don't live in South Carolina...