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May 29, 2007 04:57 AM

ba xuyen grilled pork banh mi

stopped through Brooklyn's 8th ave chinatown and split a ridiculously good grilled pork banh mi. good toasted bun, very juicy and saucy filling which tasted like it was not just grilled, but maybe breaded and grilled, crushed peanuts, a decent amount of veg (not overflowing like the jade store place in manhattan's chinatown). we didn't get any spice, but surely it would've kicked it up, but it was so good, so savory and juicy. a hint of fish sauce and the temperature of the whole sandwich was good too, like fresh out the toaster/grill. it's definitely smaller than the manhattan jade store place, but every delicious bite is well worth it. get out there! Next time I go, having the meatball, me thinks.

4222 8th Avenue (near 42nd street)
Sunset Park (Brooklyn)

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  1. I had my first banh mi there a month or two ago - loved the Sardine one. We had one with spice and one w/ out - both were delicious ....

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    1. re: MMRuth

      dang; we just couldn't make that leap of faith. sardine for real, huh? ok, done.

      1. re: bigjeff

        I think the other one we had was the No. 1 - assorted pork fillings!

    2. in my opinion, it's the best banh mi in NYC. truly divine!

      1. the meatball is excellent, so definitely do try it. that and the roast pork are my favorites.

        1. The spiciness of that sauce plus the crunchy bread to scrape the roof of your mouth off as it burns is a painful one-two punch. Quite enjoyable. I love this place. I got dinner for my parents and I the other day and just went down the list #1 through #6. The #1 is great as is the grilled pork one! I wasn't thrilled with the meatball...

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          1. re: hamstrman

            I love the meatball one, but see how others might disagree.
            The texture of the meatball might seem a bit slippery.
            The roast pork is pretty freaking amazing too.

          2. #8 grilled pork is a thing of true beauty.
            #1 classic is very good.

            i tried another pork on (BBQ?) and thought it boring.

            after 4 rounds of side by sides, i'm giving my #1 vote for a #1 classic sandwich to Nha Trang (?? can't find biz card, and forget if that name is right) ... it's on 7th Ave between 60 & 61st (or close) on the WEST side of the street. their classic is saucier and fattier than Ba Xuyen's, which puts it over in my book.