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May 29, 2007 03:22 AM

Tricia's Tropi-Grille

Any chowhounders been there? I read about it in the projo and it sounds perfect for some outdoor dining!! Anyone been, please let us know how it is!!

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  1. Tricias is a fun little "key west" style restaurant out door dining is great...across the street is Trattoria Simpatico- they also offer outdoor dining, Food is Terrific! Both with- in seconds of a great walk to the water with a wonderful view.

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    1. re: fruitlady

      New England is a pretty big area. Would either of you care to clue the rest of us in on where this place is located? Thanks.

      1. re: groaker

        Jamestown RI.

        I thought Tricia's was just OK, but it certainly doesn't pretend to be gourmet, so it's fine for what it is. The outdoor tiki bar and restaurant seating is nice.

        Trattoria Simpatico is probably some of the nicest outdoor seating in the state....too bad the food leaves a lot to be desired.

        1. re: JaneRI

          I have been to Tricia's three times, not impressed. I agree about Simpatico, My wife and I love it there...

          1. re: JaneRI

            Simpatico is lovely, and I've utterly enjoyed my meals there. The twinkly lights and plants feel lush and romantic. I think it would be great for a date, or for a small gathering (4 or 6) for a special occasion. Jamestown is so pretty.

            On the other hand, Tricia's -- no, thanks. Just so-so.

      2. We really like this place (same owners as Chopmist Charlies). For us, it's the perfect, post-Beavertail-catch-some innings-sit outside kind of place. We usually sit out in the tiki bar, munch on fish sandwiches (I would steer you to whatever is the catch of the day - quite often it is locally-caught bluefish), which come with sides like beans or sweet potato fries. Beer is cold, people are friendly and the patio is really pleasant. We're not looking for much more than that in our shorts, flip-flops, and wind-swept hair.

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        1. re: a l i c e

          Thanks for all the replies! This sounds like the place for me and my gf=) I'm all about a nice, relaxed atmosphere.

          Tell me alice, are there tv's out by the tiki bar? Very important to know with the Sox/Yanks series this weekend!!!!!

          1. re: booper

            I hear ya! Last year there was a small TV in one corner, but they wouldn't turn the music off so we could hear the audio (even though we were the only ones there at the time), which was kind of a bummer.

            1. re: a l i c e

              Well, I'm really glad we're talking "outdoors". Summer must be here. So sorry to hear that the food has gone downhill at Trattoria Simpatico. Used to be very good. Might have to go next time for cocktails and appetizers, then across the street for dinner. So where in Jamestown or Narragansett (not the Willows) do they serve good food and keep the sound up or at least show captions?

              1. re: Betty Boop

                I love trattoria simpatico the food is still wonderful, and has not by any means gone done hill...I have been dining there for years. In Narragansett... you can catch any game at either Charlie o's or Caseys but you wont be outside. Lilanas in the Holiday Inn DSouth Kingstown...great food...not outdoors... always will throw on a game to keep the customers happy in the lounge.

                1. re: fruitlady

                  I guess I’m asking for the impossible. My impression of Charlie O’s and Casey’s is that they tend to be very crowded when games are televised. No parking, long wait for a table, even a barstool, long wait to order, and often a component of loud patrons with a high beer-to-food ratio. So if I can’t have everything, I guess I’d settle for someplace with a TV over the bar without sound, not really quiet, but not so loud that we can’t converse, even if it’s more expensive. Tricia’s and Turtle soup have seemed to be the best options so far, at least for the MLB season. Lilana’s? You might mean Liliana's. All I’ve heard about that place is your recommendations. Don’t know anyone who has been there. Googled the name, no other results. Do you know anything about the food, wine or atmosphere? In know I'm looking forward to my next trip to Trattoria Simpatico. Thanks for your input.