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May 29, 2007 02:30 AM

Girls night in Asheville

We love good food, wine and atmosphere. Must not be too stuffy - we tend to laugh a lot and there will be 5 or 6 of us! Any suggestions? This weekend - Friday late night, Saturday too. There always seems to be a lot of talk about Asheville restaurants, so I know I can count on you for the perfect place.

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  1. Zambras - right down down, tapas and wine, cool bar area
    Sante = wine bar in the grove arcade
    for food
    Limones - organic pacific coast mexican (no refried beans or gobs of cheese)

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      I second Leah's recs. and would only add that though it is small Chorizo (Latin American cuisine) could probably accomodate a party of five or six with no problem. That way you could start with wine and munchies at Sante and then stroll down to the other end of the Grove Arcade for dinner.

      Or you could do it ALL at Limones! (Decisions, decisions...)

    2. Sante would be great fun! If you are out late, Usual Suspects has decent pub grub, and a patio. For Just Drinks later, check out BoBo, hip Gallery/Bar on Lexington Ave.

      1. Had a great meal at Zambras this past weekend (I just posted my review). The tapas are $4-11 and they have a great wine list. Wine by the glass is $7-9, and they pour a big glass. It would be a great place for girl's night.

        1. Or you could start at the Flying Frog Bar (my favorite people watching) and move on to Zambra. The outdoor drinking/snacking options are staggering in Asheville - Modesto, Chorizo, Sante (although I didn't think that much of the nibbles), Flying Frog, Laughing Seed, Biergarten, that thing on Lexington and Walnut (don't eat, just sit and drink).

          We blew it Saturday by heading up to the Grove Park for a drink. Didn't realize there would be hardly anywhere to sit. The whole patio was set up with tables for dinner...thus no rocking chairs. There were a total of 5 tables on the lower level. I'm just an interloper, but if I were a paying (hemoragghing money) guest, I would be sorely PO'ed at having nowhere to sit outside. As far as I could tell, the Sammons wing terrace had all the chairs removed, and the other little terrace was blocked off...possibly for a wedding that was happening, I don't know. I believe I'll have to hold my gift cert. until the weather cools again. Oh, and the wine list by the glass was SO miserable I drank a beer.

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            It is interesting to note that the Martini Girls hit Carmel's every Wednesday evening starting at 5 and runs to the last one drops (just kidding). They have anywhere between 5 - 10 women for this event. Once you get established the place should make you feel like it's home.