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Fish & Chips in London

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I have tried searching the board but not found any post in the last three years on the best Fish & Chips outlets in London proper. Please help me find the best options in town. It should be value for money above anything else. And most importantly which fish to eat? Haddock or cod or what?
Thanks for reading and replying!

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  1. My husband has just returned from London. For the first time ever I heard him say "at last proper real fish and chips as it should be". This is the place for good traditional fish and chips and is a favourite for many Londoners in particular the cab drivers. Fryers’ Delight, 19 Theobald’s Rd, WC1X 8SL (020 7405 4114) Holborn tube. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-10pm, takeaway until 11pm. Cod is the most traditional but plaice is also good as is haddock.

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      I second Fryer's Delight; I don't consider a trip to London complete unless I have their fish and chips. It's a teeny, tiny restaurant, maybe six tables, family run, and very clean. The service is quick and friendly, and all the orders are made to order. The portions are huge and I can never finish a meal at one sitting. Yes, I do love Fryer's Delight.

    2. I typed fish and chips london into the search box and got quite a lot of threads. There's been lots of talk about where to go in the London area. The Golden Hind always gets high marks - in Marylebone. Maybe it's my American taste buds, but I don't see much difference in haddock or cod. Of course, I'm not an expert on fish and chips.

      1. Here's a link to a recent thread you should find helpful. Simon Majumdar knows whereof he speaks.


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          Here is a link to the a meal at the recently re-opened Geales.

          Unfortunately, not a huge success.


          So, I would still say the Golden Hind and Masters Superfish remain out in front


        2. Sadly some of the best Chip Shops are gone. Faulkners on Kingsland Road was once great but went under new management about two years ago and is perhaps passable now. There's a place I never tried by several cabbies recommended to me. It's on Farringdon Rd near Roseberry. Ask a cabbie when you're there, they know the best places.
          If you want a proper sit down meal in a nice place that will serve a great fish and chips try Fish! in Borough Market. It looks across at Southwark Cathedral and is very near London Bridge Station.

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            The F&C shop at the top of The Farringdon Rd is called The Golden Chip Shop and is worth a visit. Not up there with Golden Hind or masters but better than my last visit to The Fryer's Delight.

            Faulkners has definitely gone downhill



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              Pardon me for chiming in, but as a student in London in 1981, I have the fondest memories of Johnnie's Fish Bar, under the Embankment, across from the Tube. I went back just a year later, and it was gone, the victim of a renovation.

              I have never seen its like again, through many trips back to my beloved London.

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                Just tried The Seashell in Victoria last night


                Not bad at all. Not quite Masters Superfish or The Golden Hind but worth trying if in the neighbourhood


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                  "Seashell" or "Seafresh?" Or should the two never be confused?

                  1. re: cagey

                    oops, I meant Seafresh.

                    The joys of a day at The London Bar Show


          2. Geales in Notting Hill is great. I think they just had a big refurbishment though, and the management changed too - so not sure what its like recently.

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              i'm no expert/local but had great fish & chips at Rock and Sole Plaice in Covent Garden.

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                I'll second this recommendation. I've eaten here many times and always found it delicious. I especially like that you can sit outside in the summer.

                For a bit higher end experience, we've enjoyed fish and chips at the restaurant at the top of the Tate Modern in the past. Not a proper chippy, but quite good.

            2. I was just at the Golden Hind, 73 Marleyborne Lane in Westminster last week on Wednesday evening July 25th 2007. Oh my gosh, I've never eaten anything fried that tasted so light! I'm so lucky I found this place! Have had Fish & Chips in the states at the usual Irish pub, but never done well and always sent my system a gas with grease. Here was the best fish I'd ever tasted - if my mother had cooked fish like this I would have grown up loving it instead of bemoaning fish dishes all my life and avoiding them on menus like the plague! Yum Yum Yum Yum! Very reasonably priced I suppose for London and all, but being from America and the dollar so low to the pound, nothing was reasonable..lol! Think about it 6.90 for the Cod and Chips, thats $14 US (though it is a big portion and could feed 2...)

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                Nautilus in West Hampstead = Fortune Green Road, well I haven't been there in 2 years but it was always pretty good especially if you order ahead and ask for egg and matzoh meal for the fish, much crunchier.

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                  Maybe egg and matzoh meal is the secret ingredient in Tesco's fried, battered fish. :-) Seriously, I am going to give this a try. I've only used matzoh meal for matzoh balls.

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                    matzoh meal is terrific for schnitzel too. Dip fish, chicken, turkey etc in a seasoned egg mix then transfer to a seasoned matzoh meal (salt and pepper and maybe some cajun seasoning or whatever) and deep fry.

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                      I think I'll also try it for a new Indian chili chicken recipe I've done once. Thanks. It sure would beat Waitrose fresh breadcrumbs.

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                  Was actually at The Hind last night. Cod and chips and cup of tea came to £9.70 (including a cup of tea) - eat in. And while that's steep by US standards, it was a great cut of fish and the fries were excellent. Not a limp noodle in the bunch. I'd say it was worth the walk up from Covent Garden. (I agree that it's very hard to find a dollar-to-pound bargain in London these days. Oh price shock!)

                3. what Fish and chips places are good that also serve my fav. mushy peas? Will be in London in Sept. and I need my mushy peas!!

                  1. Other posters may be able to tell you the name of the posh-ish place near the Old Vic. It is a seafood restaurant rather than a chippy, but they do proper fish an chips, not restaurant f&C or (god forbid) pub F&C.

                    Just avoid the "traditional pubs" doing "traditional fish and chips". Traditional pubs don't serve fish and chips, and traditional fish and chips can't be found in pubs.

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                    1. re: YorkshirePudding

                      Agree entirely with the pub warning... but please also avoid Livebait (the place by the Old Vic on The Cut). It's been part of a chain for some years and whilst sort of all right in a thoroughly mediocre way, bears little relation to the excellent f&c you'd get just 5 mins round the corner at Master Superfish on Waterloo Road... You can get not-bad mushies at Olleys in Herne Hill. Used to be not bad at the Golden Hind as well - but I haven't been since what appear to be new owners took over...

                    2. Returning to the OP's question - which fish?

                      There's something of a north/south divide in the country, IMO, with haddock being the fish of choice in the north (although personally I prefer cod). The best fish and chips is fried in beef dripping not oil (again, far more common in the north - but then we did invent the fish and chip shop - allegedly)

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                        FYI, not really focused on fish, but the latest issue of TIME OUT lists the top 50 places for chips in London. Number one is Comptoir Gascon near Smithfield Market.

                        1. re: dharold

                          Thanks for the tip. The website for the list is: http://www.timeout.com/london/restaur...

                          Not in London so inelgible for the list (I guess) is The Hind's Head in Bray near Windsor. I had the triple fried chips there a week ago, and it would be hard to beat their beauties.

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                            Is that the pub that's associated with the Fat Duck? If so, should be brill.

                            Heston's a genius. We should make him first president of the Republic of England.


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                            What about Olleys Fish Bar in Herne Hill? Some of the best Fish and Chips in London, but because it's south London, it frequently gets overlooked.

                            And cod over haddock though both are good at Olleys.


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                              Ollie's was the first fish and chips ever recommended to me. (Now I'm the one checking spelling!) I still haven't gotten to Herne Hill.. but one of these days.

                        2. I was in the UK in May 2007 and in two weeks had fish and chips in three different establishments.

                          The worst, by far, was the chippy in Soho on Berwick St. in Berwick St. market. It was raining hard, I was hungry and so I tried it. Oh dear. At least I wasn't ill.

                          Second best was the legendary Fryer's Delight. This was my first visit. It was pretty good but the chips were disappointing. Not crispy and they may have even been the wrong type of potato. I've got a feeling that the current owners aren't the original owners. The fish was fine but not better than...

                          Rock and Sole Plaice close to Victoria Station. I've been going here for years and the quality is consistent. However, due to its proximity to the station, it's now on the tour bus route. There was a large group of Japanese tourists dining there at lunchtime. At least they'll experience good fish and chips. Rock and Sole Plaice to great fish and chips. The batter is just right. Not smooth but it's crispy and the batter isn't greasy. The fish is a good size too.

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                          1. re: Chow Penguin

                            The Golden Hind has new owners-that nice old greek guy is no longer there? I do admit I was a bit disappointed when I was there in early January-the chips were definitely smaller portioned and not as big and thick as they once were.

                            1. re: TMW

                              Never been, but then none of these places serves Texas Toast.

                              What about that place in Waterloo, Masters Fish & Chips? Any good?


                              1. re: TMW

                                We had lovely fish and chips there a year and a half ago. Mushy peas too. The Greek gentlement was there then, a very nice man, indeed.

                              2. re: Chow Penguin

                                My mistake. The fish and chip restaurant and take away near Victoria Station is Seafresh.

                              3. Hi,
                                I was at the Golden Hind last month.
                                I thought the fish was fresh and tasty, the batter excellent too, but I was not impressed by the chips. They were neither crisp nor crunchy and seemed to have been a little old, to be honest.
                                I liked the restaurant itself though, just as a chippie ought to be. Service was hospitable too.
                                I would have to say though that I have had better f&c in London.

                                Full review here:

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                                1. re: food.snob

                                  >I would have to say though that I have had better f&c in London.<

                                  What are your favourites?

                                  1. re: zuriga1

                                    I knew someone would ask.
                                    There is one I really liked, but tried googling the name to no avail.
                                    Will try harder.

                                    1. re: food.snob

                                      Thanks. I intend to do a taste test this spring. It just seems fair to say what one *does* prefer over someting else that so many rate the tops. :-)

                                      1. re: zuriga1

                                        Naturally. As said, I was unable to find the name for you originally. I have it now:
                                        Bromley Hill Fish Bar (glamorous, I know)
                                        It is out in the sticks, though.

                                        G on this map:

                                        FYI, I have only eaten from here a handful of times, the last being probably a year plus ago.
                                        That noted, each time it was pretty flawless and very tasty.

                                        Re. GH? The fish was unimpeachable in its quality; it was just the rest that couldn’t really match it.

                                        Happy eating.

                                        1. re: food.snob

                                          Thanks for your endeavors and coming up with the name. Bromley is a far reach from here, so I'll start with the GH, a place I've been wanting to try for about 3 years now! If there aren't good chips, then it will be a disappointment... but I have been warned. :-)

                                          We ate at the famed Magpie Cafe in Whitby last summer, and it did live up to expectation. I don't think I've ever eaten such fresh fish.

                                2. Reporting on trip to Golden Hind: Not worth the fuss or a special trip.

                                  Good: The fish (Haddock and Cod) were of good quality and had a fresh moist texture. Service was friendly.

                                  The bad: Grossly under-seasoned fish, limp chips. Added salt to both. Vinegar was lackluster.

                                  The place was busy, possibly because of the note in Time Out or resting on its previous reputation. I have no idea why people are raving about this place... You're better off playing fish-n-chips roulette at a corner pub than making a special trip here. If you're in the neighborhood shopping anyway, you could have a go at it.

                                  Of note: What seemed like regulars were coming in for *steamed* fish, which they drizzle some olive oil on top. Not a good sign for what others have called "the best fish and chips in london".

                                  1. This Olley's is excellent:


                                    Don't know if it's related to the well known one in Herne Hill, and it's probably only for those who are already visiting the Tate Modern/Globe, but it's very good.

                                    1. PLEASE could we update this thread for a New York fish and chips novice headed to London. I will only have ONE chance to try F&C!

                                      Golden Hind--just read rather poor report above..

                                      Master's Superfish?

                                      Fishers looks great but I think this is too far for us to travel since we have only 3 days in London!

                                      Was set on Rock and Sole Plaice until I read Simon's report from a couple of years back--how is the F&C there nowadays?

                                      I have also combed through the fabulous blog linked by Simon, but I am looking for new information!

                                      A million thanks!

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                                      1. re: erica

                                        Now a proper Yorkshire lad will quite honestly tell you that there is no chance of getting a decent fish and chip supper in the capital... we'll nod to the south westerners (and have had many a good meal in Cornwall and Devon, but the BEST fish and chips will be found on the East Coast of Yorkshire (and specifically Scarborough)

                                        though, having lived down here for over 10 years, I've tried a few, and have a couple of reccs (some mentioned before)

                                        1. The Sea Cow - East Dulwich
                                        Done up, slightly contrived look, pine tables and a good though short wine list. The mushy peas are blended and come with mint, but they do one key thing. Take really good quality FRESH fish and batter it on order and serve with a good chip. It's not too traditional, but is a very good option if you're in the area..

                                        2. Olleys - Herne Hill
                                        Big portions, good mushy peas, and not a bad piece of fish. a little greasy on the last two visits but it's well thought of locally and a great option following a day in nearby Brockwell Park.

                                        3. Berwick St Fish & Chips
                                        To disagree with an earlier post, it's no a bad option (for central London). it gets packed on a weekday, and on a Friday the queue goes down the market, but assuming what you get is fresh and hasn't been sat under a heat lamp for 20 minutes it's not bad... let down by the chips though which is a shame...

                                        Have a look at this article on Ten Lifestyle's website (a concierge company) http://www.tenlifestyle.com/eating-ou...

                                        and particularly their note on London fish and chips. they've collated their members bet and rounded them up... The reviews on the rest of the site aren't bad either...

                                        "Consensus was that the culinary might of London fell short in this category. Scott's in Mayfair excels in all things piscatory and The Ivy, purveyor of comfort food to the stars, is famed for its fish and chips but neither could be described as a ‘chippy'. Calls were made for Soho's Berwick Street fish and chip shop, Fryer's Delight on Theobalds Road in Holborn and, that other punning staple, The Rock and Sole Plaice on Endell Street in Covent Garden. The winner, however, was the North Sea in Bloomsbury. The fish is fresh, the chips are excellent and it's always full of London cab drivers - the surest barometer of take-away quality in the capital"

                                        1. re: Cambers

                                          sorry, the Sea Cow is a crime against all that is holy.


                                        2. re: erica

                                          where are you staying?

                                          the Fish club in St John's Hill or Clapham High street is very good. certainly the best quality ingredient you'll find in in a chippy. anywhere.

                                          might be a bit too far.

                                          1. re: batfink23

                                            I see that this topic provokes debates akin to those when an outsider asks for the "best deli in New York!!"

                                            Batfink: We are staying near Barbican. Since we only have 3 days, I will not be able to convince my travel partner to devote too much time to traveling to eat fish and chips. So I wanted something relatively easy to access from Barbican or from any of the usual tourist haunts of central London. Of course all the other tourists will have similar thoughts, but what can I do??

                                            So: Rock and Sole: Masters; Golden Hind; Fryer's Delight---are these all in the tourist stomping grounds?

                                            Are there any chippies open on Sundays, by any chance?

                                            1. re: erica

                                              Near Barbican, you've got The Fish Shop on St John St and the (better) no-frills Golden Fish Bar on Farringdon Road.

                                              Fairly recent review here:

                                              More reviews here:

                                              Not sure about Sundays - you could call them? 020 7837 3547.

                                              1. re: DollyDagger

                                                This is great--is the Golden Fish Bar within walking distance of Barbican?

                                                What about Fish Shop? (Fish Shop is open Sundays; it looks does look a bit fancy, though!)

                                                1. re: erica

                                                  Both are easily within walking distance. Check GoogleMaps for directions etc.

                                              2. re: erica

                                                I vote for Fryer's Delight and North Sea. Rock and Sole Plaice has gone downhill of late.

                                            2. re: erica


                                              If your plans are still the Rock & Sole Plaice, change them now!



                                              1. re: Harters

                                                Good work, Harters! So either Golden Hind or Master's Superfish....

                                                1. re: erica

                                                  I wouldn't be so easily discouraged by one review. My wife and I live near Rock and Sole Plaice. We often go there, or get takeaway as a quick dinner option. Its not cheap, thats for sure. When we ate there last week the fish was extremely fresh and tasty, the batter was light and the chips were perfectly cooked.

                                                  But, I've had just OK fish there too which only confirms that their quality does vary - and this is probably the reason for the mixed reviews. But also, reading the linked post, its clear that that person has very strong opinions on what Fish & Chips should be.

                                                  1. re: r.vacapinta

                                                    Although not as strong as my full 30 minute rant on what a black pudding should be :-)

                                                    But yes, I am used to getting good fish & chips in the north west. My experience was that this was nothing like good fish & chips. I note you have also experienced mixed quality - reason enough, IMO, for Erica not to go there for her "one time" experience.


                                            3. Just tried Masters Superfish for the first time (and my first time having f&c in London) and it was definitely a good choice. Cod and chips was 4.80 GBP and it is smaller than the "Masters Special" which is a larger piece of cod or haddock and chips. Mushy peas are available if you want them.

                                              The entrance is small though, so keep an eye out for it (19 Waterloo Rd, I believe is the address), my husband and I almost passed it. Very generous portions for both the fish and chips, the Masters Special can easily be split between two people, plenty to go around. Orders are made to order, so there will be a bit of a wait if you are doing take away. Would recommend this as a great place to get fish and chips.

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                                              1. re: sknuk

                                                It's my favourite place, would definitely recommend it. The lunch special is fantastic, and the food is all cooked to order so always hot and crispy.

                                                1. re: Ibrahim.Salha

                                                  On this, I am amazed that anything other than cooked to order is tolerated.

                                                  it is impossible to have good fish n chips out of a hot cupboard, unless you're prepared to lower your standards to compensate.

                                                2. re: sknuk

                                                  Another fan of Masters' Super Fish, particularly the mustard-coated haddock. If you eat in, the free prawns and pickles are a nice touch, and it's cooked to order, which means everything tastes fresh and hot. Should be the least you can expect, but increasingly a lot of places don't bother, so it's worth noting. Think they're closed on sundays. About 5 minutes walk from Waterloo station and 10-15 minutes from the South Bank, so within a reasonable distance of tourist attractions.

                                                3. I can vouch for the Golden Hinde.

                                                  Looking forward to trying Masters very soon.

                                                  1. Just got back from a 10 day tripto London.After reading Simon Majumdars blog I decided to go to The Golden Hind and Masters Superfish in Waterloo. I went on successive days to make a better comparison. I ordered Haddock and Chips at both places.The fish was better at the Golden Hind but the chips were better at Masters. However both places were outstanding as compared to other places I have eaten at on my yearly visits to England. I also had fish and chips at Gordon Ramseys Gastro pub in Chiswick and they did not compare favorably at all. If you go to any of the above two (short on ambiance and frills but great food) you can't go wrong

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                                                    1. re: Brfoodie

                                                      A golden rule of pub food, and this applies to all pubs: only order F&C if you can see the sea from the window, and only do so if the place has a very strong reputation for very good food.

                                                      1. re: Brfoodie

                                                        Glad you enjoyed. I think Master's just edges TGH based on recent visits.


                                                      2. Nobody's mentioned it so far so: Something Fishy in Lewisham.
                                                        This place does
                                                        -really great fishnchips
                                                        -huuuge portions
                                                        -v low price - around a fiver for a massive meal last time I went
                                                        -v friendly staff
                                                        -they have been awarded the highest hygiene rating by environmental inspectors, which is not achieved by many in Lnd

                                                        Downsides are:
                                                        -this is not a destination area,
                                                        -ambience is canteen style - v spic and span canteen..

                                                        Re haddock vs cod if you get them make sure they are line caught from Icelandic waters as they are overfished. Otherwise checkout more friendly alternatives - http://www.tiptheplanet.com/index.php...

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                                                        1. re: Mushypeeaaas

                                                          Also just had a meal at Masters based on the DH review.

                                                          Wow. First of all, eating a carby picnic lunch was a big mistake, and we totally underestimated the amount of food we would be served, especially when ordering the Masters Special! Calamari was delicious, peroni wasn't 4 quid, and the free stuff is just icing on the cake.

                                                          If you have a fish and chips urge, this place will smash it. No messing about, great food, great decor, very english (or should that be maltese?), lovely.

                                                          ps. don't eat the free bread if you're going to order the masters special :0)

                                                        2. The last post to this question was a year ago...any updates? I'm coming to London the first week in June.

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                                                          1. re: Roseolson

                                                            I don't think anything new has opened that would make for a different suggestion. No atmosphere but Master's Superfish has very good offerings, and the Golden Hind is still very popular, too.

                                                            1. re: zuriga1

                                                              Thank you. Look's like Master's Super Fish it is if I can't get to The Greenwich Union (which Katie Parla describes in rather mouth watering detail on her blog.)

                                                              1. re: Roseolson

                                                                Don't expect much ambiance, but it's pleasant enough. :-)

                                                          2. We went to Masters Superfish for lunch and were reasonably impressed. Not as good as some of the good ones in the north (well, I would say that) but far better than most of the shite you generally come across in all parts of the country.

                                                            We liked the freebie three prawns and the slices of baguette (better than the usual Mothers Pride). We liked the offer of pickled onions and gherkins (although to eat such a thing would be a crime against fish & chips).

                                                            No haddock on offer (as it's "dahn sarf") but a decent helping of freshly fried cod. Excellent batter. Chips tasted reasonably OK, in my view, but needed a little longer in the fat to give them some colour. They were very pale and looked most unappetising. Mrs H didnt like them at all and left most of hers.

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                                                            1. re: Harters

                                                              I'm glad to hear you got there, John. My chips were fine the day I ate at Superfish, but then I would eat any chip, even if it was walking on the table. I'm looking forward to hearing about your other eats.

                                                            2. I just returned from a week in London and made it to Master's Super Fish based on all the comments here. The fish was excellent. A generous sized piece (glad I knew not to go for the "Special" size...I'd never have finished it!) with a lovely crisp batter. My daughter was very doubtful about the neighborhood and storefront (Mom, who are these chowhounds?) but she agreed it was as good as her fish and chips had at the Chop House a few nights before, at less than half the cost. A steady stream of police officers getting to go orders confirmed our opinion. This stays on the list for next time.

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                                                              1. re: Roseolson

                                                                I'm really glad you enjoyed Master's Super Fish. I sent my son and his partner there when they were visiting from the States. They enjoyed the fish a lot, but he was surprised about me sending them to someplace that looked as it does. I told him mothers are allowed to change their way of life and posh does not always equal worthwhile. :-)

                                                                1. re: zuriga1

                                                                  By way of eat-in chippies in my part of the world, Masters *is* posh.

                                                                  1. re: Harters

                                                                    You want me to feel sorry for you up there in the Northland? :-) We don't even have a sit down fish and chips too close to my house!

                                                                    1. re: zuriga1

                                                                      Do you have sit down fish and chips in the south then? How novel (and posh). I presume sit down doesn't mean a milk crate round the side near the fan exhaust

                                                                      1. re: mr_gimlet

                                                                        Closest to my house is a sit down in Ashtead. I've never been inside but I did see a few milk crates out front one day. The average age of people sitting and eating seems to be about 75. I think the place is called Superfish and maybe it's a chain?

                                                                      2. re: zuriga1

                                                                        Our council likes to call all the suburbs "villages" (like wot they were 100 years back). It's very twee and posh up here in North Cheshire - not a dark satanic mill within a mile of home.

                                                                        Anyway, I digress. In our "village", the shop is takeaway only (and, under its new owners, pretty vile - and no kebabs). The next "village", Cheadle, has two - one's takeaway only which is edible and another which does actually have a sit-down. This one is called Jacksons and has won an award. I've been trying to find out what the award was. I think it was probably the winner amongst the chippies in Cheadle called Jackson.

                                                                        What I do find most odd when I read southern sit-down F&C reviews (often on doshermanos) is the number that serve booze. I don't know anywhere locally with a booze licence. That's be reet posh. Innit