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May 29, 2007 01:54 AM

Fish & Chips in London

I have tried searching the board but not found any post in the last three years on the best Fish & Chips outlets in London proper. Please help me find the best options in town. It should be value for money above anything else. And most importantly which fish to eat? Haddock or cod or what?
Thanks for reading and replying!

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  1. My husband has just returned from London. For the first time ever I heard him say "at last proper real fish and chips as it should be". This is the place for good traditional fish and chips and is a favourite for many Londoners in particular the cab drivers. Fryers’ Delight, 19 Theobald’s Rd, WC1X 8SL (020 7405 4114) Holborn tube. Open Mon-Sat 12noon-10pm, takeaway until 11pm. Cod is the most traditional but plaice is also good as is haddock.

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      I second Fryer's Delight; I don't consider a trip to London complete unless I have their fish and chips. It's a teeny, tiny restaurant, maybe six tables, family run, and very clean. The service is quick and friendly, and all the orders are made to order. The portions are huge and I can never finish a meal at one sitting. Yes, I do love Fryer's Delight.

    2. I typed fish and chips london into the search box and got quite a lot of threads. There's been lots of talk about where to go in the London area. The Golden Hind always gets high marks - in Marylebone. Maybe it's my American taste buds, but I don't see much difference in haddock or cod. Of course, I'm not an expert on fish and chips.

      1. Here's a link to a recent thread you should find helpful. Simon Majumdar knows whereof he speaks.

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          Here is a link to the a meal at the recently re-opened Geales.

          Unfortunately, not a huge success.

          So, I would still say the Golden Hind and Masters Superfish remain out in front


        2. Sadly some of the best Chip Shops are gone. Faulkners on Kingsland Road was once great but went under new management about two years ago and is perhaps passable now. There's a place I never tried by several cabbies recommended to me. It's on Farringdon Rd near Roseberry. Ask a cabbie when you're there, they know the best places.
          If you want a proper sit down meal in a nice place that will serve a great fish and chips try Fish! in Borough Market. It looks across at Southwark Cathedral and is very near London Bridge Station.

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            The F&C shop at the top of The Farringdon Rd is called The Golden Chip Shop and is worth a visit. Not up there with Golden Hind or masters but better than my last visit to The Fryer's Delight.

            Faulkners has definitely gone downhill



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              Pardon me for chiming in, but as a student in London in 1981, I have the fondest memories of Johnnie's Fish Bar, under the Embankment, across from the Tube. I went back just a year later, and it was gone, the victim of a renovation.

              I have never seen its like again, through many trips back to my beloved London.

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                Just tried The Seashell in Victoria last night


                Not bad at all. Not quite Masters Superfish or The Golden Hind but worth trying if in the neighbourhood


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                  "Seashell" or "Seafresh?" Or should the two never be confused?

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                    oops, I meant Seafresh.

                    The joys of a day at The London Bar Show


          2. Geales in Notting Hill is great. I think they just had a big refurbishment though, and the management changed too - so not sure what its like recently.

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              i'm no expert/local but had great fish & chips at Rock and Sole Plaice in Covent Garden.

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                I'll second this recommendation. I've eaten here many times and always found it delicious. I especially like that you can sit outside in the summer.

                For a bit higher end experience, we've enjoyed fish and chips at the restaurant at the top of the Tate Modern in the past. Not a proper chippy, but quite good.