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super romantic!

ok, heres the deal. going to dinner tomorrow night with a girl that i reallllly like. from what shes told me, her favorite restaurants r ago, katana. and shes been probably to every hip & new place in town.
i took her to SUR last week. at best, the food was mediocre. but probably one of the most romantic, and intimate place ive been to. the whole restaurant is lit by candles. if it was up to me i would take her to katsuya in studio city. but... as u guys now, there is absolutely no ambiance. my picks are CAFE STELLA, THE PENTHOUSE in santa monica, DOMINICKS, COBRAS & MATADORES. im trying to make an impression with out going overboard. any nice places on larchmont, or vermont? as u can see im a little lost. please help me! any suggestions will help. thanks

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  1. I like the atmosphere at Celadon. Not only is the food fun and inventive, but the vibe is just right for a date-- swank but doesn't take itself too seriously (the lounge area shows kung-fu movies).

    1. If we are going simply for romantic, but not too over the top (Hotel Bel-Air is the end all be all for me but absurd in terms of cost) I offer these few choice nuggets from various parts of town.

      Little Door (3rd street east of Beverly Center)
      Geoffry's (Malibu)
      Michael's--outdoors (Santa Monica)

      These are all very nice, but not too over the top. Good Luck.

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        Michael's was VERY dissappointing a few weeks ago. Food was bland/not worth eating, service was slow and inadequate -- we weren't even told about the tasting menu. And, we sat in the patio - which looks and feels like a dirty garage with '80s furniture. The only high-end feature was the pricing!

        I think tapas and wine at Monsiuer Marcel in the farmer's market is different and can be romantic without a huge bill. Or, watching the sunset at the Lobster in Santa Monica is really romantic. Also, Cafe del Rey in Marina (higher-end) is calm on a week night but the food and ambiance are terrific.

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          Yikes! It is too bad to hear that Michael McCarty has completely lost track of his restaurant. I honestly hadn't been in a while and it is too bad to hear that something I considered a "given" is gone.

      2. I have heard great things about the little door!

        1. Since your going for "Super" romantic over just ordinary romantic, then I would suggest you take her on a Gondala ride in and around Naples Island in Long Beach (and bring a couple of bottles of wine, or Champagne, with you - for yourselfs and for making a very happy Gondaleer...):



          1. The Penthouse is too much of a scene for romance. I know I've been to Dominicks but it must not have left much of an impression since I can't remember anything about it. My pick is Via Veneto on Main St in Santa Monica. I posted a review on Sunday. Enjoy!

            1. The patio of Chez Mimi is romantic but not over the top.

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                I second Chez Mimi. They have a really nice patio which is really lovely and romantic. I love their carrot soup.

                I like the food at Cobras & Matadors, but it's awfully loud inside so I don't consider it the most romantic atmosphere.

              2. My two picks for good food in a romantic spot without going overboard would be Cafe Stella and Cliff's Edge. I really like Cafe Stella, especially on a weeknight. Order some wine and enjoy a long and relaxing evening. Cliff's Edge is on Sunset about a block to the east of Stella. The patio is absolutely beautiful.

                1. I tend to associate views w/ romance... I love getting drinks at Yamashiro (don't stay for dinner).

                  The ambience on the patio/outside at The Lobster is great at sunset, and second that of Geoffrey's. Windows (downtown) has a great view.

                  The Little Door is, as suggested by others, quite romantic. Il Cielo certainly fits the bill as well... might be my first pick

                  You might also consider Jer-Ne.

                  A few others include Water Grill, The Lodge (in BH), and Saddle Peak Lodge, but these might be more "overboard..." dunno your opinion of overboard.

                  1. One of the most romantic things to do in LA, in my opinion, is a picnic at the Hollywood Bowl. Some nice cheeses, good bread, fruits and maybe spreads. Good wine. And if you can swing an actual picnic basket rather than a cooler, even better!

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                      Oops. Not open yet. Maybe if things continue to go well, you can take her in June!

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                        thank for the vote of confidence mojo

                    2. If I were her (thinking "scene" gets you guys talking and enjoy the evening) AOC, Geisha House, Koi may be my choices and would be impressed of your choices unless she has been to them before quite many times