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May 29, 2007 12:11 AM

June Breakfast Tour...suggestions needed.

I'm working on a final list of Five amongst the following for breakfast stops in the Eastbay/Berkeley/Oakland area on the weekends of June. So what would be your top 5 in this list and/or other suggestions?

- Kensington Bistro in Albany
- 900 Grayson in Berkeley.
- Jodie's in Albany.
- La Note in Berkeley.
- Cafe Fanny on Cedar and San Pablo in Berkeley.
- Chester's on Vine & Walnut in Berkeley.
- Jim's Coffeeshop in Alameda
- Sunnyside Cafe in Albany
- Otaez's in Alameda
- Venus on Shattuck in Berkeley
- Rick & Ann's by Claremont Hotel in Berkeley
- Mamas Royal Cafe, Broadway in Oakland
- Bette's Oceanview Diner in Berkeley
- DeClancey's Welcome Table in Oakland

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  1. The Blackberry Bistro in Glenview, Oakland, is one of my favorites. The food is classic breakfast/brunch fare such as omelets and French toast. Oh, and they make a great mocha using Scharffenberger chocolate... I don't think they take reservations, so the wait can be pretty long on weekends.

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      We haven't been to Blackberry Bistro since it changed hands. So it is still great?

      The Egg Shop in Montclair is very good, any day of the week. Rick and Ann's did not wow us. It was very ordinary. The catering side is much better IMHO.

    2. La Note is great.

      Cafe Fanny's best on a warm, sunny day.

      1. DeClancy's is good, but do be prepared not to eat for a day or two afterwards.

        I love Caffe 817 on Washington in Old Oakland. Polenta with gorgonzola and poached eggs, or toast with prociutto and poached eggs. Simple but perfect. Their fruit salad is also great. (They're not open Sundays, however).

        1. Homemade Cafe on Sacramento and Dwight has the best homefries hands down. You have to upgrade to homefry heaven to experience the real deal.

          Homemade Cafe Menu:

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          1. re: See Food

            Inn Kensington is in Kensington- not Albany- on Arlington Ave. Don't forget 900 Grayson!

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              I agree that they have awesome homefries, however, I think that the real stand-out on their menu is the Whole Wheat, Cinnamon, Pecan Waffle. It is amazing.

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                Thanks chemchef, I totally forgot about the pecan waffle. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

            2. Definitely 900 Grayson - an absolute must. Consider adding Hidden City Cafe to your list. Fanny and Sunnyside, meh, they're fine, but nothing special. Guerilla Cafe can be fun, funky vibe, good prices, food is good but not great.

              Are you open to weekend brunch recs? It would give you quite a few more possibilities. Eccolo has a brunch that bests almost every breakfast in town (I have yet to find an equal Benefict in the Bay Area). Also, good reports on the brunches at Luka's Tap Room, T-Rex BBQ, and Sea Salt.