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May 28, 2007 11:45 PM

Dessert place in Encino/Sherman Oaks

It's my girlfriend's birthday in a few weeks and we (a group of 15 to 20) are going out to Tokyo Delve's in North Hollywood. I want to take the group to a dessert place in Encino/Sherman Oaks after dinner (approximately 10:30 p.m.). I am not too familiar with the Valley and so far all I can come up with is the Cheesecake Factory at the Sherman Oaks Galleria.

Any other suggestions would be appreciated.

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  1. Sadly, I think that's about it. We have struggled with this for years, like going to the Hollywood Bowl on a Saturday and wanting dessert after. We used to go to Du-Par's for a piece of pie but it's too depressing. Stanley's has a dessert menu but the desserts aren't particularly interesting or special. The only other place I can come up with is worse than Cheesecake Factory - that would be Marie Callendar's at Ventura/Willis. I think you'll struggle with the hour plus the size of your group. Oh, you could take them to Pinkberry at Ventura/Laurel Canyon (not sure of their hours) but I don't think that's exactly what you're looking for. Sorry, maybe someone else has a better idea, if so I would love to hear it.

    1. Might see if you could bring a dessert into Delves, and in Encino, here is a link to a fine place on Ventura & Louise that would satisfy any dessert craving:
      That way, no driving involved, and the lateness issue is resolved. In Studio City, Belwood Bakery makes some very tasty items also, yet closes at 6p.m., but could also provide to go items for Delves. Across from Jerry's Deli.
      Otherwise, maybe some of the Thai bakeries on Sherman Way, yet I do not know which is good, nor the names of any of them.
      As to places staying open after 10:30, your options dwindle big time unless you call ahead and make sure any place will stay open for your group.

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      1. re: carter

        L'Artiste Patisserie closes at 4 pm, so it is not an option.

        1. re: Jwsel

          My thought was to get the dessert and take it to Delves if they would allow it.

      2. Many great restaraunts on Ventura have dessert. I see no reason why you can't just order dessert. I love the Tiramisu at Il Tiramisu. The Boneyard Bistro has some nice dessert. Senior Fred is famous for their Spanish Hot chocolate and Churros. Firefly has some nice desserts. Lots of good Yogurt Places. Many open Later. Studio City Yogurt and Yogurt Zone on Ventura are good.

        You could all go to la Frite and get either sweet crepes or chocolate souffles! YUM!

        Marmalade Cafe has some nice cakes.

        Twain's coffee shop is open late, too. Casa Vega has some OK deserts,and they are open till one.

        My secret guilty pleasures: once a year I'll visit Mel's and Herry's respectively.

        At Mels I have a whopping piece of Pie and a milkshake. At Jerry's I have the Midnight madness (cake, ice cream, fudge and more!) Both are open late.

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        1. re: Diana

          I think Jerry's big chocolate cake is the same one that Cheesecake Factory uses in its mud pie (which is actually my favorite Cheesecake Factory Dessert).

          La Frite and Marmalade are probably good options. I never get dessert at either, but their cake displays always make me hungry.

          Another place for good desserts is Pinot Bistro.

          On the yogurt front, though I don't think that is what the OP is looking for, Limelight Yogurt at Ventura and Noble in Sherman Oaks is good.

          Ramon's on Ventura at Noble has a small bakery/coffee house attached to it. The food at the restaurant portion is dreadful, but I've had some decent pastries. Nothing I would write home about, but it can do in a pinch.

          1. re: Jwsel

            Humphrey Yogart in Sherman Oaks is yummy, but they have very little seating. If you want yogurt to-go, check this place out.

        2. How about the Coral Tree Cafe? I've only be to the Brentwood location, but there's one in Encino too. They have good lattes and decent desserts. I had the banana latte and the fruit tart. Both were good.

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          1. re: katkoupai

            That Coral Tree has absolutely NO ambiance whatsoever, and the food is not very good either. Doesn't seem like the Brentwood location except in name only.

            1. re: carter

              Really? I don't know, since I've never been to that location. The food at the Brentwood location was decent. I actually thought the banana latte was great! The two locations are related, according to the website. I can't imagine that it would be so horrible. I would still like to check it out, the next time I'm in Encino.

              As I'm rereading this thread now, if you are looking for an exceptional, A++ dessert place, this is not it. However, if you just want to hang out somewhere, have a good latte and a decent tart, it might be an option. If it's anything like the one in Brentwood, then it's a good place to do the above. :)

              My favorite dessert places are places where you buy the desserts to go. It looks like what Andrew is looking for is a place enjoy dessert and chat with his friends in Encino. Coral Tree is what came to mind. :)

              If you like Persian desserts, ghelyoon (Persian pipes) and tea, check out the Spot in the Encino Town Center. This is a place where people hang out and smoke flavored tabacco for hours. It is open late, but call to double check on their hours. Just as a warning, the crowd is young, and it gets very busy.

          2. The recently opened russian steakhouse Romanov on Ventura Blvd. in Studio City - Looks like they have a nice dessert menu - check it out -