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May 28, 2007 08:44 PM

Recs Between Skokie & Palatine

I am having dinner with a friend next Friday night; we'd like to find someplace mid-way between Skokie & Palatine and vegetarian-friendly. Any suggestions?

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  1. There are a number fo very good restaurants in/near The Glen on Lake Ave - insluding Wildfire and Mitchell Fish Market

    1. What kind of vegetarian? Dairy OK? Even if you are a pretty lax vegetarian, I don't think those places in The Glen are going to do it for you unless you eat fish. If I had to go to The Glen-- personally, I think it's a pain-- I'd probably go to Flight Wine Bar and see what they had by way of vegetarian small plates. (They have a website but there is no menu up yet.) For real vegetarian, Chowpatty is not far away from Palatine.

      (Edited to fix spelling: Chowpatty.)

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        I second Chowpatty! La Tasca is a good tapas restaurant in Arliington Heights, lots of veggies options.

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          Yes, dairy is okay and I think fish is too. I am curious about Flight, but as you mentioned, their menu is not posted on their website. Does anyone have any brief reviews? What is their price range?

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            Sorry I can't help you with Flight. I walked by and checked out the menu but don't recall much about it. It was a Tuesday or Wednesday evening in The Glen and it was a madhouse. Flight did look like a nice place to sit, with a few tables outside. I just wouldn't go out of my way to eat at The Glen, especially on a weekend night and if you want a leisurely time.

            If dairy and fish are OK, you can eat pretty much anyplace. As I drive from Skokie along Golf Road, I often stop at Periyali (a Greek taverna in a crummy looking building but with pretty nice seating outside) or Cafe Lucci. In both places the food is rather rich and heavy-- maybe split some appetizers and a pasta at Cafe Lucci. The grilled whitefish at Periyali is dynamite. Lucci can be hard to get into as it was on Check Please this spring, but you can make a reservation or teo people can usually sit at the bar. They have a nice wine list. I also quite like La Tasca in Arlington Heights or did a couple years ago when I last went.

        2. Don Juan on Northwest Highway in Desplaines is probably about 1/2 way. Not sure about their vegetarian options, but their food is good & creative. There certainly are seafood choices.

          1. I'm not Vegan, but I have a friend's wife who was, and she used to swear by Dave's in Evanston.