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Has Anyone Ordered from Omaha Steaks?

We have to get a food gift for a couple who are both homebodies and hardcore grillers. Is it worth it?

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  1. Haven't ordered from them myself, but we received a gift of Omaha Steaks last year at Christmas. It consisted of four filets mignon and four lobster tails. None of it was anything to write home about. Given the prices I have seen in their advertising, my answer to your final question would be "No, it's not worth it."

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      Yes, I agree. My Mom got the same as a gift as well. Niman Farms is Way, way better, worth every cent. I have had both their beef and pork.

      1. re: Quine

        The general vote on CH (including mine) is that Omaha isn't different than what you can get at the supermarket. I'd suggest Allen Brothers ribeyes.

      2. re: ddavis

        Got to be blunt -- these are some of the WORST TASTING BLOBS OF BEEF I'VE EVER ENCOUNTERED! Yuck yuck yuck!

        Too lean. Too closely trimmed. Not aged. BLECK!

        Also hard to swallow -- the COST. For less money you can generally get a nice choice steak at the grocer. For about the same you can get prime at a butcher. For only a bit more you can get some of the far better offering from other suppliers.

        The only thing good I can say about Omaha Steaks is they do pack 'em in a very nice styrofoam cooler that is very very handy.

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          I agree - not good. But if you get something youhate from them they are very nice about giving you a credit - IF there is anything you could tolerate.

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          OMAHA 'steaks' and everything else were HORRIBLE. Several times I and other grill masters have tried cooking their 'meat' on the grill, oven and have turned out horrible everytime. (BIG WASTE OF $$$) See pics of thier 'pork chops' super thin - cooked 4 min on grill - (not over cooked pic - see how SMALL compared to our normal fork... (about 3x bigger than fork -- and twice as thick) Hamburgers - several times tried cooking - fall apart everytime - DRY - TASTLESS - SMALL portions. the French have bigger steaks for Pete's sake... GO SOMEPLACE ELSE... (ALL prepared foods very oridinary at best. - being generous with comments)

        3. I'm with mpalmer6c on this, forget Omaha, get something from Allen Bros. (www.allenbrothers.com)

          1. I have to agree with all other opions re: Omaha. I received their steak's as a monthly gift from a relative and they're not fit for much else than fajita's.......
            I have not tried Niman's but have heard great things.

            1. I echo the resounding NOs from other Chowsters.

              Plus Omaha steaks will solicit you via phone and mail nonstop until you threaten them with a lawsuit.

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                the telephone barrage happened to dh's grandmother after she ordered some gifts one year. she still is complaining they're calling her.

                the meat is horrible, too. someone once told me the omaha hot dogs were good, of all things, but unsure of trustworthy source on that. . .

                1. I received a box for Christmas, and I will say that the chocolate cake and twice baked potatoes were quite tasty for frozen food!

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                    I've got to disagree, the top sirloins are most excellent, you have to just be careful not to overcook them. I like the burgers too...Oregon (my state) supermarket beef is probably different than cattle country states - grassfed (tough) unless you go to a specialty butcher and it's all expensive. I haven't been solicited by OS except by email which I have requested.

                    1. re: archangelcat

                      Archangelcat, if you're in the Rogue Valley, Tark's in Talent has Real Cornfed Midwest

                      1. re: bbqboy

                        thanks bbqboy...I'm in Eugene, I've been know to drive a bit for good food, but I believe Talent is close to Medford? We do have Knee Deep Beef here that is reportedly very good, organic, etc., bet they're equivalent to Tark's.

                  2. Thanks for the feedback and for saving us some $$!

                    1. I received them as a gift as well and thought they were not tasty at all (i'm glad that I didn't actually pay for them). I get MUCH better steaks at Wegman's (local grocery store). None of the steaks (filets, ribeys, or strips) had much taste & the ribeys were cut way too thin.

                      I did, however, recently try their hot dogs and thought that they were quite good.

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                        I just think everything is better at Wegmans.

                      2. They're not bad, but for the price, they are in no way worth it. We recieve a box of OS for our anniversary every year. I found the burgers to be blah, and the hot dogs are awful. The stuffed flounder is better than what I expected for frozen stuffed fish.

                        1. Yes, I've ordered from them. No, it's not worth it. They're average; nothing special.

                          1. Go to qvc.com they have some really good food products. I sent a prime rib and the people loved it. They have a large selection of food, and most people really like it.

                            1. Have rec'd several gifts of steaks and burgers. They are B A D. I use the burgers for American Chop Suey and the Steaks for stew met.

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                                Oh, artlee, thanks for the idea! ("I use the burgers for.....").

                                Now, every Christmas season, when the dreaded styrofoam chest arrives on my doorstep from my MIL....who thoughtfully chose this gift, even though she's seen my over-stuffed freezer....I'll know what to do with the goods!!

                                1. Just to confirm what everyone else is saying, Omaha Steaks are not good. You should notice that they don't state the grade. My guess is that they are higher end Select.
                                  When I was in Omaha last week, the waiter gave the specials. When he started with "An Omaha Beef Strip", I quit listening.

                                    1. re: Davwud

                                      I just keep laughing at this response. I said the same thing outloud.

                                    2. I'd recommend either Montana Legend or Niman. My two cents on the comparison: Omaha is like your local grocery store meat department; Montana Legend and Niman provide superb gourmet meats that are unforgettable.

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                                        Niman Ranch makes it a point of pride that the animals are treated humanely and the feeds are chemical free. They are also very helpful on the phone and have a great website. Kindness tastes so good! And it does too - with the exception of andouille sausage, which I did not like the flavor, everything I have bought from them - and I've bought a lot, has been wonderful. Their bacon, pastrami, and ham are also artificial preservative-free.

                                      2. Thumbs down. If it's a splurge, check out Lobel's in NYC.

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                                        1. re: MellieMac

                                          Lobels = hedonistic eye rolling while eating + cringing while reading the credit card bill. I love, love, love the burgers. the filets are fantastic too, but the burgers seem to be the standout to me.

                                          My In-laws love Omaha steaks...i imagine it depends on what quality of grocery store steak you are accustomed to as to whether you find them to be "worth it" ir not.

                                        2. The filet mignon spring rolls are good, but the steaks suck - and at $30 for 8 spring rolls, you can just make your own for a quarter of the price

                                          1. NO. Not worth it. But, I'll give you a tip I got here that turned out really wonderfully: Usinger's meats and sausages in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. They mail order and now, in the heat of summer everything I ordered arrived very cold, almost frozen. everything has gotten a big thumbs up in my house! Dee-licious.

                                            1. The filets aren't bad, but the other steaks are not the best cuts. I actually do like their other products, like hot dogs, chicken breasts, and potatos au gratin. If they are hardcore grillers, I'd try something else.

                                              1. If there's a local Omaha Steaks store nearby, their prices are less than half, including S&H, than ordering via mail order. Even so, Choice or Prime steaks bought locally will taste better and at least Choice is likely to be less expensive. The local stores also have a big selection of other frozen foods. Almost always more expensive than similarly-packed frozen items at your local grocer, and they don't taste any better, often not as good.

                                                1. Take advantage of frequent sales and occasional free shipping to stock up on very decent burgers for your freezer and for meatloaf. Hot Dogs and Bratwursts in the freezer are also good resources for lazy nights..

                                                  1. The meat is mediocre (at best). The REAL problem is that once they have you in their sights, they will hound you to death. Phone calls, e-mails, catalogs. Ordering once has become the Pandora's box I cannot reclose

                                                    1. I ordered the 1" sirloin, and grilled it. It was tender and juicy, and well worth the price. I let the meat rest for 10 minutes, then sliced it. It was delicious. I do admit the first time I overcooked it. I think part of a good cut of meat is making sure its prepared right. I originally was planning to order from Tallgrassbeef, but didn't like the fact they have a $100 minimum order.

                                                      1. Add me to the no list. We received a variety pack as a gift. The steaks were bland as was the pork, burgers and everything else in the pack. We can get much better meat at our local grocery. Please don't judge all beef from Nebraska or the area on this company. Omaha used to have a thriving meat industry, they are just playing off the name. You can still find extremely good beef out here but it is not marketed as gourmet. It is more a matter of finding some of the better beef ranches or retail outlets and most focus on the local market.

                                                        1. NO! Unless you live somewhere where absolutely no decent beef is available!

                                                          1. I'd like to add my .02, and say I agree with those who say it's not worth it. The steaks and burgers we got were ok, but not for what you pay. I must have lucked out, because I was not inundated with phone calls after the sale and get a catalog only a couple of times a year. Just threw out the Xmas one yesterday. : >)

                                                            1. We ate at an Omaha Steakhouse, and the beef was superb---maybe the freezing has something to do with the mailorder quality?
                                                              What's the beef brand Rush L. advertises on his show?

                                                              1. Years ago, we were gifted a rather large box of Omaha Steaks, but were totally unimpressed. Have never even thought about ordering from them.


                                                                1. I wouldn't waste my time, meat from your local supermaket is better than what they have and charge for their product.

                                                                  1. Yes, and most never do it again.

                                                                    1. Four year old post, but since it's been resurrected, I'll put my two cents in. My parents had a box of Omaha Steak ribeyes that were received as a gift. We had them for Christmas one year when we were burned out on ham and turkey. They were seriously unimpressive. I've gotten better steaks at Costco.
                                                                      I've never tried them, but I've heard good things about Lobel's.

                                                                      1. I got $700 worth for $135 last year through a deal site (we are still enjoying them) and this inc 1 1/2" thick steak, chicken, pork, hamburgers, and creme brulee. ALL have been absolutely delicious, easily 'good' restaurant level, and I am on the prowl for new amazing deals. The FULL price is still more than I would pay for the food, but they often have deals even on their own site that are fairly decent. I don't understand the comments of less-than-glowing reviews, as our experiences have been so pleasurable. I would LOVE to receive this as a gift...can't imagine why anyone would not (unless vegetarian) and will give as a gift in the future, after having experienced the foods.

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                                                                        1. re: miseryhaha

                                                                          I'm glad you're enjoying them, but I like most others here, do not find them satisfactory, and even with their discount, I can get better meat for the same price from my local butcher.

                                                                          In addition, once you order from them, there seems to be no end to receiving mail (both e- and snail-) and even phone calls trolling for the next purchase.

                                                                          I can appreciate a bargain as much or more than the next guy, but what you have sounds more suited to Bargainhounds than Chowhounds.

                                                                          1. re: miseryhaha

                                                                            I agree. I don't understand the bad reviews either. I have eaten Omaha steaks and they were absolutely delicious. Way overpriced? Yes. But certainly very very good!

                                                                            1. re: miseryhaha

                                                                              My Dad got Me and my Husband a box of it and it was all really tasty... My Husband is a steak snob so am I and it was pretty good all grilled tho. I loved that it was lean and all the silver was trimmed off of the meat. Let me stress GRILLED but not over grilled (I'm thinking a lot of people really don't know how to grill right.[maybe even use an oven].. cuz it was juicy and fork tender when I cooked it.) I would definitely give as a gift or buy more... :D

                                                                            2. Agree with the others,
                                                                              Not worth it.
                                                                              Might be the flash freezing process that kills the taste.
                                                                              Better off with fresh me from a butcher.

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                                                                              1. re: terasec

                                                                                True, but it is hard to "gift" fresh meat from your local butcher and ship it across the country. With this being said, I am not a fan of the meat cuts sold by "Omaha Steaks" let alone the outlandish pricing.

                                                                              2. Get them if you love spam. No, the meat doesnt taste like spam, the meat is OK to good (but no where near great, for one thing it is wet aged)

                                                                                But they will send you postcards and emails endlessly and it took me years to get it all to stop last time I ordered something (with a gift certificate)

                                                                                1. I just ordered from Omaha Steaks and the 5" top Sirloins are very good. The meat is expensive, but if you cut a steak serving into several slices it is a good value. Make sure you cook the steak properly. The barbequed steak is very tender, don't cut the steak while it is cooking, juices will drip and the steak will loose flavor and become firm. It is better than any supermarket steak I have tried, but everyone has different tastes. The hamburger patties don't taste much better that the 10-1 patties in a Big Mac.

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                                                                                  1. re: res38

                                                                                    AMEN...!! Don't over cook kill your meat...

                                                                                  2. The trend I'm seeing here is - if you wanna impress someone who loves meat and will likely tell the difference between good and average quality, Omaha Steaks will not deliver the goods. I tried their meat and found nothing wrong with it, either, but I wouldn't call myself a beef enthusiast. I'm easy to please. I think for a bbq or any casual dining, Omaha is plenty good. It's not bad tasting at all, to me. ALthough... even Applebee's steaks seem to taste better, somehow. I wouldn't spend over $100 on Omaha. By the way, are other steak ordering services charging $20 for shipping these days...? I was shocked!

                                                                                    1. Huh..... I went to Niman Ranch online store, like some ppl here suggested - the prices are far higher and the delivery is more than twice that of Omaha.... :#. Maybe Omaha's meat is mediocre for a meat enthusiast who can tell between 20 types of steaks, but the prices are more than reasonable. Maaaybe Niman has better quality, I dont' know.

                                                                                      1. We have ordered and shipped several times. Are the meals 5 star, no, but they are good. However, the telemarketers will drive you crazy after you order from them. They will call at least 2 or 3 times a month, at least! So beware that you don't leave them any info that they can contact you unless you want them to pester you.

                                                                                        1. yes I love their hamburgers their the best I buy them when their on saleliz

                                                                                          1. Yes once. Completely forgettable taste. Weird texture.

                                                                                            And they will hound you for the rest of your life to buy more.

                                                                                            1. i order Omaha steaks pot roast 2 lb how is the going to feed my family big disappointment there going to sent 2500 dollar back it cost 40.00 dollars never going to order again

                                                                                              1. I have a relative that has for the last year been sending me a large cooler of steaks and there pieces of meat. I have finally had to tell him not send it anymore. It is a total waste of money, the quality is poor, size is embarrassing and the thought that they hock this stuff on QVC is an injustice for the people who get sucked into the lies of juicy quality.

                                                                                                1. I sent Omaha dinners as a gift, and it was well received,
                                                                                                  so I decided to order myself.
                                                                                                  Did so a couple of time, with relative success, and then the quality really went downhill thereafter ~~!!
                                                                                                  Gristle in the sirloins, thin sliced filet mignons, and paltry pork chops. Seems they slide the 'seconds' in on their long term customers instead of continuing to send the top quality.
                                                                                                  When I asked to be removed from their subscription list, and said why,
                                                                                                  there has been no response . . .
                                                                                                  Lack of concern or reply speaks legions for their company attitude, yes ~~ ??!!

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                                                                                                  1. re: BelleWA

                                                                                                    I have grave doubts Omaha Steaks has ever sent out anything that was "top quality." On those occasions that I have been unfortunate enough to have the "opportunity" to check it out, I've certainly not ever seem anything that could be called "top quality."

                                                                                                  2. Tried them 3 times over the years: Very ordinary products.

                                                                                                    1. I cannot believe how over the top DISSAPOINTING OMAHA STEAKS has been - multiple times. My very nice mother-in-law has been chain called by them after she bought us our first one as a gift. They are relentless once you're on the order list. NONE OF THE FOOD WAS WORTH IT !! VERY cheap quality, TINY portions. Several times tried cooking the hamburgers - they fall apart and fall thru the grill. Prepared food - tastless.

                                                                                                      Pork super thin sliced, DRY. (Like everything else) I tried a few times to be silent - but even as a gift I felt like It was a HUGE RIP-OFF. My poor mother-in-law has been badgered into sending all of her kids packages. I advised her to stop. 7-11 has better hot-dogs, much less steaks.

                                                                                                      I am a easy-going person and silent, normally don't do this on the internet, but feel (for first time in my life) that it is SO BAD THAT I HAD TO SAY SOMETHING to prevent others from making the same miSTEAK ... or should I say - omahaSteak... They are ridiculously over-the-top a first rate rip off. (Sorry, but true - hope they bring their price point WAY down...) I agree they do send it in a good cooler though.

                                                                                                      1. HORRIBLE - go to 7-11 and get better hot dogs and steaks

                                                                                                        1. I have had them and they are terrible. Try Frontier Meats...www.frontiermeats.com. I bought some of the filets and they were great. They even link you to Groupon, etc specials from their site. I got mine in 2 days from ordering.

                                                                                                          1. try Plated.. we sent this my grandfather and he has a pall with it!


                                                                                                            1. Big waste of money.. worst beef I had.. burgers are so small after grilling might as well go to a fast food place and get a reg. size .. beef was tough and chewy.. Supermarket has better steaks and you can choice cut and size .. Packaging was good.. but who eats the package ?? Never again will I waste good money on very small and tough meat from there.. For sure not enough to feed teenager's.. Beware it looks nothing like the ad's

                                                                                                              1. I too have unfortunately received these as gifts. They are the worst cuts of meat and allegedly potatoes (fake) that I have ever had the displeasure to eat.
                                                                                                                I would take them to the homeless shelter but they deserve better.
                                                                                                                DO NOT SEND TO ANYONE YOU LIKE