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May 28, 2007 08:25 PM

Agave Nectar?

I am new to los angeles, living in los feliz, any one know where i can buy agave nectar for some home made margaritas?

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  1. Trader Joes, I believe--I saw a squeezebottle in a friend's kitchen this weekend, at any rate.

    1. What do you do with the agave nectar?

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        You use it instead of simple syrup in margaritas (or any citrusy cocktail/drink, actually). The flavor is lighter and fresher than regular sugar and pairs beautifully with tequila.

        Whole Foods has a few different brands of it, and both dark and light varieties. If you go to the Whole Foods near the Grove, you can even buy a larger jug of it (a quart?) and save some money.

      2. Whole Foods has it. gelson's in Silverlake Should have it. Follow Your Heart in Canoga Pakr has it. Surfas probably has it.

        1. Surfas in Culver City has both the light and amber agave nectar as well.

          1. Agreed with those below... Surfas, WF and natural food stores carry it... it's absolutely WONDERFUL! :)


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              yup, all specialty stores, high-end grocery stores & natural food stores carry it. surfas, whole foods, wild oats, erewhon...take your pick!