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May 28, 2007 07:58 PM

Flushing - Shaved Ice?

I'm going up to Flushing later this week and since the weather is undoubtedly going to be hot, it'd be nice to have an afternoon snack of shaved ice. Are there any places other than the Flushing Mall on 39th that serve shaved ice? The last time I went there, their ice (which is essential to the texture of the dessert) was rock hard and the people working there weren't very friendly. Any suggestions?

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  1. It's going to need updating from year to year, but there are other places that have shaved ice besides the Mall. Although, I've never had their ice "rock hard" before, and I've not had any shaved ice at the Mall this year, so I can't comment.

    Last week I did have shaved ice at Maxim's (the bakery) on 40th Rd between Prince and Main, closer to Prince. They have good freshly cut mango that can be tart and flavorful at once. The rest of the toppings are alright. Peanuts are usually good, the red beans sometimes lack sugar, which can taste nasty unless you add condensed milk.
    It's gone up to $4 though, for 3 toppings plus condensed milk, or 4 without condensed milk. The ice wasn't too fine in texture, but wasn't hard, either.

    For a nice dark brown sugar syrup topping you will have to go to the Faith Cafe on 41st Ave between Main and College Point Ave, next to the church. In fact, this cafe is run by the Chinese Christian church. Their ice tend not to be shaved too fine, but the dark brown sugar syrup and the occasional mango pudding as one of the toppings, are worth a visit. The peanuts, red bean, mung beans for toppings are usually well cooked. This place probably has early hours 8 PM closing. For what it's worth they have pretty good Corn Dogs, too. Good Winter Melon tea (Dong Gua Cha), as well as smokey dark plum tea (Wu Mei Tang). Actually, neither is TEA, but juices, no caffeinated leaves involved. These are usually in covered plastic cups in the refrigerator.

    Laifood (or whatever it's named now) on Prince and 39th Ave has Taiwanese shaved ice on its menu, and i've heard good things about it, BUT I was never able to order one there. It seems that they want you to eat real food there, and so don't really care to just serve you shaved ice. I'll leave that up to someone else to research.

    Good luck and do report back!

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      Is this the same stuff thats so popular in Hawaii, and does it come in ling hing mui flavor here?

      1. re: SuzyP

        Alas, I have not tasted a true Hawaiian shaved ice, but only read about it on the LA board. I HAVE seen Ling Hing Mui powder here in the grocery stores (I think...unless that was in LA, too!), not so much sprinkled on shaved ice though. The plum drink I'm talking about has a somewhat darker, chinese herb smoky flavor that is very rich, and is closer but stronger to the mexican tamarind soda in taste. You can get that as one of the toppings from the station in the Flushing Mall. I haven't seen it as a topping in other places, only as a drink.

        I wouldn't mind seeing some places offering the fine shaved ice Hawaiian style over here in NY.