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May 28, 2007 07:30 PM

Mobile Taco Cart Recommendation

We just had a party at the house last night and we had great success with Tu Tacos taco cart services. ALL of our party guests raved about the tacos: el pastor, chicken and carne asada. And even the carnivores loved the veggie tacos! The tacos came prepared with all the fixings - several salsas, cheese, etc. and chips & quac as well. One guest held court by chalking up *20* tacos!

Rudy & Naomi were fabulous! Not only were they professional but they were just great people to deal with. Our friends really liked them. Rudy, Naomi & their helper hung out afterwards and had drinks with us while their grill cooled down and they were just great people to have around. They even finagled hauling up the grill from street level up 30+ stairs to our 2nd floor back patio - a feat in itself. And to top it off, they were so reasonably priced and we didn't have to lift a finger as they took care of everything! What else more could you want?

I can't recommend them enough! They are definitely a party hit!

Rudy and Naomi
(909) 553-0176
(626) 664-4678

Tell them Joy from Hollywood sent you!

taco pic:

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  1. Correction: Naomi's # is: (626) 664-6784

    1. Based upon recommendations both here and Yelp, I hired Tu Tacos this past weekend for a baby shower; I cannot praise Rudy enough. He was on time - early, actually, and everything was first-rate. All of the guests raved about his tacos (asada, pastor and chicken) and as the party-thrower, I couldn't have been more pleased with how everything turned out. Rudy said "all you need to do is provide a trashcan, we'll do the rest" and he was right.

      Absolutely awesome. I highly recommend them and would definitely use them again.

      1. ..good info to have on hand thanks..just to 2 pennies also there is a mobile....well more like and old converted truck..whatever parked at Witmer ve and w 7th st..90017..which can do one hell of a drive-up party...and cheap too...don't have their name or number..but just go there and they are parked there ready for serving Taco-real-deal---chow!!! ciao Rob

        1. Could not agree more! Had a great experience with Rudy and crew on Friday night for a 6th grade graduation party at our home. Had about 50 people, including very picky teens/tweens, and everyone was raving. Plus, the guys were prompt, courteous, and NICE! They brought everything we could possibly need, including veggie taco options, bacon wrapped hot dogs, and quesadillas for the kids, as well as plates, utensils, and a full condiment bar. They set up and cleaned up without us needing to do a thing, and wrapped up what little food was left for us to enjoy the next day. Big fans!