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May 28, 2007 07:29 PM

Need help with rehearsal dinner

I need to set up a rehearsal dinner for 40 to 50 people, July 6th. Most of our group is staying around the Garden District or near Audubon Park but we all have cars and can drive wherever. I would like something not too formal with real NOLA cuisine, whatever that is. A private room is needed for a group this size. We are all from out of town and don't know that much about the city, so any help is greatly appreciated!

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  1. Uptown you might try Jacq Imo's. I think they use the space next door as private dining sometime. Mandina's in mid-city has a seperate room as well. Both of these places while rustic speak volumes about New Orleans food.

    Arnaud's and Galatoires which are located around the corner from one another in the French Quarter would be a step up. These two places are legendary.

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      I would hesitate to hold any special event at JacquesImos. However you feel about the food, service isn't J-I's strong suit, and I think that service is crucial for such an event.

    2. I would recommend you stay in the Quarter too, it makes for more interesting walking before and after dinner.
      I know Antoine's has many rooms you could use and it has such a rich history which may be of interest. The Rib room, Muriels, Cafe Giovanni, Broussards, Bayonna, and there maybe more. may be of help.

      1. We had a rehearsal dinner for 150 at Mother's catering venue (next to Mother's) The food was very good, and everyone had a great time. It was quite reasonable we thought...

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          Thanks everyone for your recs. You are lucky there are so many great restaurants in your city. I probably should have mentioned that this is more of a party - not really a rehearsal dinner per se, plus we'll have a few kids with us, so I think I'll save Antoine's or Galatoires for dinner the night before. I'm really looking forward to the visit - New Orleans is one of the few unique cities left in America!

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            Day or night? Do you want indoor or outdoor?

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              It's an evening event. I would say either indoors or outdoors but I'm thinking that time of year indoors may be the way to go.

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                Napoleon House has an interesting room upsatairs if you're thinking of a party event with passed foods and etc, rather than a sit-down dinner.

        2. Try dinner at K-Paul's (also located in the french quarter). they have a large enough facility to do a sit down dinner or a buffet style

          1. You might want to look at the Ernst Cafe in the Warehouse District. They have a nice room upstairs with a balcony. I went to a party there and it was very nice. Here's the link: