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May 28, 2007 07:26 PM

One day in Dublin . . .

We're passing through Dublin next month (from Washington DC area) on our way to and from Hungary (thanks to bargain Aer Lingus flights). My wife is Irish-American & has never been in Ireland. We'll be staying in Parnell Square. I've studied recent Chowhound posts on restaurants in Dublin, but what we're looking for is great pub food. If the place also has great music in the evening, all the better. I saw postitive mention of O'Neill's Pub on Suffolk St. Any other places come to mind?

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  1. O'Donoghues usually has music, and is a decent pub. I don't think they do food:

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      Thanks for this recommendation. Actually our hotel is on Merrion Square, not Parnell Square, so O'Donoghues looks to be around the corner. Sounds like the perfect place, with traditional Irish music. Any other rex also appreciated.

    2. Dan you might find it difficult to get "great" pub food and music. Most pubs do a fairly standard mix of carvery or toasted sandwiches. My own favourite is The Stags Head which is a lovely pub that does good normal food (irish stew, fish & chips, etc) and a absolutely beautiful pint of Guinness. I think the serve food up till 6pm (I'll be there this evening and will check for you). They don't have music though but I think you'll probably be better off eating in one place & moving on somewhere else for the music - at least you get to sample a couple of different places then. There may be a few pubs in the Temple Bar area that would do both food & music but they'd be for the tourists only!

      1. Thank you, Mick and Tony, for your suggestions. We found Stags Head & had an early afternoon pint there. Dinner at Oliver St. John Gogarty. Touristy, yes, but we had a nice upstairs corner table & ordered acceptable Irish Stew & a stew variation with Guinness mixed in. They had music, authentic sounding enough though amplified. But after a walk along the Liffey, we moved on to O'Donohues. Spirited accoustic players; the crowd made us feel right at home. Before long, I was standing up & leading a chorus of ``Norwegian Wood'' (in honor of the many Norwegians in the crowd). Great time had by all.
        Other culinary high point was incredible serving of fish & chips at Leo Burdock's on Werburgh St.
        Again, thanks.

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            If you had fish and chips at Burdocks you can die happy,the best there is.