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May 28, 2007 07:09 PM

Fresh Fish in Phoenix?

Does anyone have any suggestions (besides AJ's) of a great fishmonger in PHX/Scottsdale? Among other things looking for Sashimi quality fish?

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  1. Sashimi quality fish, try Whole Foods.

    I also like Phoenix Ranch Market's selection (everything there seems very fresh, and their prices are rock bottom) and either of the major Asian grocery stores (Super L at the Chinese Cultural Center on 44th south of the 202, and Lee Lee on the NE corner of Dobson and Warner)... tilapia so fresh that it's still swimming until you buy one.

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    1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

      Agreed. I'd also suggest Sprouts, though I don't see as much traffic at the fish counter as one would want in our city - but they endeavor to give a selection. Supermarkets need a huge amount of volume in order to warrant a steady supply of great fish (or bread, deli items, specialty meats, etc). The ethnic markets are the only places I've found where there are constant lines at the counter... which is good. On the flip side, I used to live in SoCal and it took a bit of research to find good purveyors of seafood as well, despite having an ocean next door and a somewhat seafood savvy population.

      I'm guessing we're eating more fish and demanding more quality. We're simply not cooking more of it at home.

      1. re: tastyjon

        I went in to the New Fry's Signature Store on Shea and 90th st. This week...they have a very nice Seafood Dept. They are running East Coast Lobsters on special this week for $12.99/lb. Everything looked Fresh and plentiful. I hope they can turn over their inventory frequently.
        I also have had very good luck @ Whole Foods, A.J's and Costco (Costco's selection is limited)

    2. Recently saw an ad for an Asian seafood market called Le Seafood (if I remember correctly). I believe it was located on the SWish corner of Dobson and Broadway near some other Asian restaurants.