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May 28, 2007 07:00 PM

Eight O'Clock Coffee

I know folks have talked about this before but I'm desperate. Dominion et al has stopped carrying Eight O'Clock Coffee opting for A.L. Van Houte brand in its place. I have to tell you I have a real soft spot in my heart for this cheap, reliable coffee and I'm freaking out that I can't find it anywhere. It's still for sale in the States, and it's not beyond me to beg my husband to rent a car so we can drive there... but it really would be great if I could find it here. Has anyone seen it around downtown Toronto (or within TTC traveling distance?)

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  1. Dominion is now part of Metro from Quebec, but is still partially owned by A&P. Eight O'Clock is an A&P brand. I'd be surprised if you could find it anywhere else. I recently tried it and found a bag with many defective beans that produced a wretched brew. It was so bad that I returned the bag for a refund. To each his own, I suppose.

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      8 O'Clock was grim stuff, best suited for use as a hang-over purgative. Try Loblaws if you must--but why?

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        I'm enough of a coffee geek to sometimes roast my own beans and I brew in a vacuum pot. But I'll confess now that I find Loblaw's West Coast Dark Roast beans quite acceptable for morning caffeine quaffing. Much higher quality than Eight O'Clock. It IS a pretty dark roast with significant surface oil, but I like it much better than any of the coffees I've tried at Starbuck's (the general style of which it tries to mimic).

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        So this would explain why all of a sudden I'm seeing the Montreal-based Van Houtte in my local Dominion store -- had no idea that Metro was a part owner now.

        I cannot stand Van Houtte coffee. I lived in Montreal for a while and it was the worst coffee I tried there -- either completely weak, overly sweet, or bitterly strong [I tried a few flavours and was disappointed each time]. I gave up on them altogether.

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        1. If you are feeling adventurous and have the patience to try out some other beans, try sourcing out Intelligentsia coffee. Not sure where you can buy it in TO although Matt Lee (who is the rep) is reportedly opening up a shop soon.

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              I realize this is an old post, but you can buy Intelligentsia coffee at Manic Coffee at College/Bathurst, which is Matt's shop.

              Dark Horse is also selling it, but not the whole line, and definitely not the Black Cat blend (even though they're using it in their machines for espresso).

            2. I saw this thread and took a read of it as it evoked both memories of my childhood and a deep sense of nausea that accompanies the first sip of Eight O'Clock Coffee.

              I had nothing to add until I saw some yesterday, and not just one type, but three types of Eight O'Clock.

              Imagine my surprise when I saw it appropriately shelved under a nuclear materials warning sign and a further warning that you had to be at least eighteen years old and sign a disclaimer to purchase Eight O'Clock in the event that you developed stomach cancer.

              In any event, you can find all the Eight O'Clock you want at the Food Basics store in the strip plaza located on the south-east corner of Eglinton and Hurontario in Mississauga.

              They also had an extensive supply of powdered non-dairy creamer which I'm certain must be your preferred accompanyment to a mug of this wicked brew after a delicious Swanson fried chicken TV dinner.

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              1. re: Scary Bill

                Imagine my disgust when I found out that Dominion no longer carried 8 O'Clock brand coffee. Instead they went with the Montreal based company Van Houtte coffee.

                Van Houtte - Proudly Canadian. Proudly serving coffee at 3x the price.

                What a rip off,

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                  OUCH...............Scary Bill ,dude thems words pretty harsh ...

                2. I'm actually from the States but living in Toronto now. I think 8 o'clock dark roast is the best. It's full bodied, flavorful and delicious. I buy all that I can when I'm in Florida and take it back with me. It's even hard to find in Florida. Easy to find in NJ at A&P stores. Have been looking for it around Niagara Falls, NY to no avail, but there's plenty of other 8 O'Clock coffee there. By the way - A&P sold off the 8 O'Clock brand a few years ago.