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May 28, 2007 06:33 PM

best to eat in Montreal

A foody is traveling from NY to Montreal next week.
I am looking for best place to eat, from casual cafe for lunch to
fancy restaurant for dinner.
I do love all kinds of food, am not vegitalian, budget is open.
Also, I am interested in gourmet grocery store in Montreal .

do you have any recommend?


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  1. I'm suggesting you read and search the board.

    But few suggestions ( all around my 'hood ) : google for more info or search the board.

    Lemeac, La Chronique, Bazaar, Jun I, BU, L'atelier, Barmacie (Bar), le Dieu du Ciel (pub, no food)

    a bit further, Bilboquet ( ice cream), La Porte, Brunoise, Joe Beef, Le Garde Manger, Au Pied De Cochon, L'Express, ...

    For grocery stores, l'Van Houte on Laurier with a lot of French product, Marché Des Saveurs in Jean Talon Market for quebec products...