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May 28, 2007 05:54 PM

New Chinese resto opening in Sacto (The Kitchen)

The same group that owns the Kitchen in Milbrae and Alhambra, New Canton in Sac, has announce that it is opening a Kitchen in Citrus Heights. We were just walking around in Milbrae when we saw this announcement on their Kitchen window. This should be great news for higher end Chinese in the Sacto area. I wonder if anyone know where this new place is going to be in Citrus Heights.

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  1. What I'm curious is whether they'll be able to use "The Kitchen" name since there's already a longstanding restaurant in Sacramento using that moniker. So far there seems to be no problem in the LA area with one or two other pre-existing restaurants with the same name. On the other hand, Panda Express has aggressively gone after anybody using any variation of that name, and for some reason I noticed that all the unrelated restaurants named Panda Garden in the L.A. area changed their name at the same time, leading me to believe that legal threats were involved.

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    1. re: Chandavkl

      I hope they pick another name. The Kitchen is one of the best restaurants in Sacramento and requires reservations two or three months out; why they'd shoot themselves in the foot (and hurt that restaurant!) by giving it the same name is beyond me.

      1. re: hewn

        It's an interesting legal issue. The Chinese restaurant called The Kitchen opened up in Millbrae and in Alhambra last year and made an immediate splash in the Bay Area and Los Angeles Chinese restaurant scene. By opening up another restaurant called The Kitchen in the Sacramento area, I think that they're merely trying to expand their franchise, particularly since their original properties (under different names) are in Sacramento. While the legalities are not black and white, I would say that the original restaurant in Sacramento called The Kitchen could probably stop the Chinese restaurant from using that name if it wanted to take legal action.

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          Um, just to let you guys know, The Kitchen in San Francisco and Los Angeles are franchises, they're owned by the same person or association. My Dad is one of the head chef at The Kitchen in Los Angeles and he's friends with the owner. So, to clear up the issue, The Kitchen in Los Angeles is not trying to ride on the success of The Kitchen in San Francisco; they're both the same... However, I don't know if the new The Kitchen in Citrus Heights is related to the one in norcal and socal.

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            Did not mean to use the term "franchise" in the sense that McDonald's franchises its name, but rather in the broader sense of extending a brand name. It was clear from the L.A. Times article that the Alhambra and Millbrae locations of The Kitchen were sibling restaurants. Given the common or overlapping ownership between The Kitchen locations, the Asian Pearl locations in the S.F. Bay area, and the fact that the ownership group first started their operations in Sacramento, I would bet that the Citrus Heights branch of The Kitchen is part of the same group.

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              They are owned by the same group that owns New Canton, New HK Wok, and Macau Cafe in Sacto. They are also buying Lai Wah on Freeport to open New Lai Wah. They also own several restaurants in the Bay Area, in addition to the Kitchen. I don't think they are franchises. As you say they are owned by the same group.

      2. Any one know the location yet of The Kitchen in Citrus Heights? Asian Pearl in Millbrae has great food. I want to try New Canton and would love to try The Kitchen as well.

        1. "The Kitchen" will be located @ 5948 Auburn Blvd. their phone # is 916-332-3888 and Peter L is right the other "Kitchen" location will replace the old Lee Wah off of Freeport Blvd next to the Executive Airport. Is funny that the first restaurant owned by the Culinary Wonderland Inc (CWI) which was HK Wok now owns most of the chinese restaurant in Sac.. there's pretty much no competition against them. Just to straighten things out HK Wok is not owned by CWI it is independent from the Inc. The owner which is a Taishanese lady bought is rights from the Inc. I was surprised that Lee Wah got bought out by them it only took them two days to clear and take Lee Wah down for construction.

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          1. re: sushiland83

            I couldn't find "The Kitchen" @ 5948 Auburn Blvd. and no one answers their phone. In January, I've had numerous meals at the New Lai Wah on Freeport Blvd. It has a great menu and I rank it next to New Canton as the best Chinese restaurant in Sacramento. The 'old' Lai Wah was a dump and needed to be replaced. Macau Cafe is a good restaurant and is part of CWI on Del Rio Road. New Canton has the best dim sum in Sacramento. New Lai Wah and Macau Cafe do not serve dim sum.

            1. re: EatingPlaces

              Have you been to Kings Palace on Stockton? They are as good as New Canton.

                1. re: PeterL

                  I've eaten at both and think Kings Palace is easly as good.