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May 28, 2007 05:48 PM

Just back..Ess a bagel--Wow!

We just got home from a whirlwind visit--ending with a trip to Ess a Bagel this morning. I even toted a baker's dozen home to Dallas, and now I'm wondering how to best store them for this week's consumption. Freeze?

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  1. They won't last well past today, maybe tomorrow if you individually store each bagel in a ziploc bag and leave on the countertop. Any longer and I'd freeze them. Just slice almost all the way through and put in individual ziploc bags. Then you can reheat/toast them without using the microwave.

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    1. re: ESNY

      Congratulations... you have reached bagel nirvana! Ess-a-Bagels really do taste best hot and fresh. I've had pretty good luck leaving the bagels in a paper bag and then putting the paper bag in a ziplock. Try to squeeze all of the air out. This should work to keep the bagels fresh for about one more day. Any longer, freeze!

      1. re: fsd1116

        Okay, you guys were totally right. I had a leftover this morning, and, while still better than the Einstein's bagels my friends were consuming, it wasn't even remotely the same texture as yesterday. I did go ahead and freeze the rest last night. I guess that also changes my mind about mail order--wouldn't be the same......

        1. re: twobluecats

          my favorite at Ess A Bagel is the just made warm everything bagel--the posts for freezing are good--just baked are the best-

          1. re: twobluecats

            Ah, Einstein...we've got those in Evanston, but when the school year's over (and during any possible vacation time) there's truly nothing like Ess-A. Einstein is great and tasty, but I've always felt as if I were eating bread instead of bagels - so, great bread, bad bagels. They make some good whipped cream cheeses though, the pumpkin is nice during the fall.

            1. re: twobluecats

              How does that saying go? A leftover Ess-a-Bagel is like... well, you know, even when it's a day old it's still pretty good!

        2. Essa-a-bagel are my favorites too. Next time you visit don't forget to take some Kossar's bialies home too. They freeze pretty well.