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Inland Empire is great compared to Victorville!!

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Any one know of any restaurants in the Victorville/Apple Valley area that have somewhat edible food?! We have been to Mama Carpino's which is a family style restaurant and has good pizza. Other than that, we have not found anything...

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  1. Seafood
    The Fish Hook
    16530 Green Tree Blvd
    Victorville, CA, 92395
    (760) 843-1171

    The Taco Shop
    15052 Bear Valley Rd
    Victorville, CA, 92392
    (760) 951-9210

    La Casita
    14977 Palmdale Rd
    Victorville, CA 92392
    (760) 241-0119

    Go Bangkok Thai Cuisine
    15800 Main St Ste 200
    Hesperia, CA, 92345
    (760) 947-9029

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      Thanks so much for the recommendations.

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        I had dinner at Go Bangkok last week - the flavors are mild, as might be expected, but tasted authentic. Four diners at a table near us were speaking in Thai, which was a good sign. Service was slightly slow but friendly. No alcohol, though.

      2. Lily's in Midway Shopping Center, over by Costco (the omelets, the loose tea in a china pot, haven't tried the cakes but they look incredible)
        Mimi's in restaurant row, west side of the freeway, south of Bear Valley Road (the butternut squash ravioli and the bread pudding, the lamb shanks...never had a bad meal there)
        I can't remember the name, but there's a Thai place on the east side of Hesperia Road about 50 yards south of Bear Valley Road
        Soya Sushi, in the Vons's lot at Bear Valley and Hesperia Roads
        The Mexican place at the west end of the Ralph's lot across from Walmart on Hwy 18, in north Apple Valley
        Mollie's at Second and Bear Valley in Hesperia
        For coffee and pastry, It's A Grind, at Apple Valley and Bear Valley Roads, next to Lowe's (but don't try the Japanese place next door....tea bags and sucky service)

        1. Good restaurants:

          1. Arabic- A La Din- best in town; east of Palmdale Road. Everything is made to order
          2. Tokyo Sushi best sushi-7th St.
          3. Tatsuki best Sukiayaki and lunch specials. One of the original Japanese restaurants (Japanese owned) ; reasonable sushi prices.

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            Apologies for bumping a long-dead thread, but I thought I'd note that the restaurant identified as "A La Din" is actually called Ala' Al-Deen; phonetically similar, but different enough in terms of spelling that Google couldn't figure it out.

            Ala' Al-Deen
            14303 7th St
            Victorville, CA 92395

          2. Baja Taco 13738 Bear Valley Rd in the Stater Bros Shopping center. Small place with great taco's, Burritos. Good prices too.