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May 28, 2007 05:32 PM

BreadTop Melbourne.. review...

Been wanting to try this place ever since one opened up down the road from work. Had heard much about it, being a "version" of the Singapore chain "BreadTalk".

Tried it out on Saturday.

The range of products was staggering... every few minutes it seemed as though another tray of bready delights was being whisked out from the kitchen... I was like a barracuda with ADHD... I couldn't concentrate for the number of choices.

Finally settled on a green tea bun with red bean filling.


The bun was approx the size of a saucer.. I thought very generous for $1.40

The bun had a consistency somewhere between a pancake and a sponge cake... A little bit of give... and had a definite green tea flavour.. delicate yet definitely there...

The red bean filling was generous.. came right to the edges of the bun. It was smokey sweet and similar to the Japanese red bean cake, rather than the Viet style bean mix.

All in all very yummy.

I also sampled the chicken satay bun, which looked wonderful with an almost pinwheel-like top. Disappointingly it wasn't crispy.. I had expected something like a mille-feuille because that's what it looked like!

The filling was rich and peanuty. Very good, but not good enough to be a repeat sample.

I also (only in the name of Chow Hound) got an almond custard danish whch was lovely. Pastry was light and buttery, the custard was creamy and dense.. and not the usual bakers custard that will survive the Holocaust along with cockroaches and Danni Minouge. The almond scattering was generous.. definitely will be adding to my regular list.

Next time I am going to try the mango custard buns and the garlic bread..

I have no idea how it stacks up to the Singapore original, but Springvale Bread Top is definitely worth a drop in.

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  1. There are quite a few BreadTop shops in Sydney. In fact, there is one too close to my office at World Square! The Chicken Mushroom Doughnut and Taro bun are two of my favourites.

    Funny enough there is another shop like BreadTop but under another name that has a bun called "The Big Butt that will Not Lie". Maybe I'll do a review of this particular bun...

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    1. re: cankles

      My daughter is coming to work this afternoon and stopping off at Bread Top on the way.

      I put and order in for the chicken and mushroom bun!!!

      And I seriously NEED to read a review on the "Big Butt That Wull Not Lie" Bun..


      1. re: purple goddess

        What bun is that? Sounds kinda funny. lol

        But anyway, the chicken & mushroom bun is quite delightful, stuffed with button mushrooms, chicken pieces and cheese. I think it's best eaten warm (but the microwave can spoil it coz it goes soft). The curry chicken bun is not too bad either, but I usually go there for the sweet stuff. Green Tea Melon, Pineapple bun, Banana in Pajama (fridge section), Vanilla Brioche, etc. Their taro buns used to good, until they changed the fillings. Now they are tasteless :( Another favourite of mine is the Seaweed Pork Floss bun. Absolutely scrumptious!

    2. I was a little ecstastic when Bread Top opened (asian style bakeries are part of my childhood) but I have to admit I don't like it as much anymore. I felt a lot of the fillings were a bit bland but I'm a red bean lover so I always go for that. I like their desserts a bit though.

      1. The original comment has been removed