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May 28, 2007 02:45 PM

Lunch in Goshen?

This Baltimore-hound will be in Goshen, NY this Friday -- the boyfriend will be off with the other groomsmen doing "wedding prep" sorts of things, so I have a few hours to myself to grab lunch, burn some time shopping, and maybe get my nails done or something girly like that.

Lunch recs? (Ideally near fun shopping or salon types of places?) I love little ethnic places, as well as cozy bistros/cafes. Open to any type of food, as long as it's non-chain. As I'll be driving, it would be great to have parking nearby.

We'll be staying at the Comfort Inn in Goshen, and I'd prefer to drive no more than 10-15 minutes away for lunch/shopping/salon.


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  1. 5 min east (if that) on Rte 17M is The Hacienda on the right hand side. Although not very authentic, it's tasty Mexican. Very festive and popular. Redendo's Pizza in the shopping plaza behind the Goshen Diner on 207 is decent pizza and the walls are decorated with 1970's memorabilia. Goshen Gourmet on Main St is well known for their baked goods and their sandwiches are excellent. I get the smoked tuna salad. It's wonderful. Goshen isn't well known for it's food.....or shopping. A tour of the Harness Racing museum might be something different to do.

    1. Try the Caliente Restaurant in Central Valley for Latin American food and then head to the Woodbury Commons,which is probably one of the largest outlet shopping centers.for the country.

      1. There isn't much in Goshen. You could run over to Middletown. There's more there. I'd second the Goshen Café on Main Street - and that's pretty good. Hacienda on 17M? - think basic TexMex. I'd stick with the Cafe unless you want to drive.

        1. In Goshen....the diner isn't horrible if you have a craving for diner food.

          I'd opt for a 10 minute trip to Chester and go to Clayton Delaney's. A kitchy sorta "dive" with good food

          1. The original comment has been removed