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May 28, 2007 02:29 PM

Best Restaraunts in Austin

I'm moving to Austin soon and was wondering if anyone had any thoughts about if there was any really good fine dining in the area? What are the best restaraunts in Austin?

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  1. These are some of my favorites:

    Eddie V's
    McCormick and Schmick's
    McDonald's (just kidding)

    1. If you are into food in general cooking more specifically, try Boggy Creek Farm for organic vegetables grown within the city limits of Austin.

      Say hi to Carol Ann and Larry, the Saturday morning markets are a social event.

      1. The Chronicle's Restaurant Poll may give you some good initial guidance, this year's issue just came out and can be found here -

        1. Best Restaurants in Austin:

          1) Uchi - near consensus
          2) Vespaio - for consistent, delicious italian
          3) Toss-up: Hudson's, Aquarelle, Fonda san Miguel, Driskill Grill, many others...

          1. There are lots of helpful older threads about the best restaurants in Austin. Some good discussions can be found via these links:





            In my experience, consensus on “the best” (as reflected in lame popularity polls or even right here on chowhound) doesn’t necessarily mean that any particular restaurant will be right for me. Sushi lovers from other parts of the country don’t always love “Austin’s best” Uchi ( ). Similarly, people with a lot of experience with Italian restaurants outside of Texas often dislike, to varying degrees, Vespaio and Enoteca Vespaio ( ). But reading everyone’s perceptions should give you enough information to help you make your initial decisions.

            If you should find that “fine dining” isn’t really a world-class category amongst Austin’s restaurants, you may still discover different kinds of hidden gems, with a little chowhounding. I certainly have.

            My personal favorite for “fine dining” is the Backstage Steakhouse. I’ve also enjoyed meals at Jeffrey’s and Hudson’s on the Bend. Brunch, once in a blue moon, at Fonda San Miguel can be a pleasant experience. Overall, I’ve found Wink, the Driskill Grill, and Castle Hill (among others) to be disappointing. In fact, some of my best meals have come from the most surprising—and often unknown—places.

            I hope this helps you get a handle on the local scene. Welcome to Austin.


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              Although wink has disappointed me every time I visit in terms of their pricing, portions and cohesiveness of their dishes, their sister restaurant, Zoot, always wows me. Give Zoot a go, especially their vegetarian tasting menu. I'm actually a big meat eater, but the vegetarian/vegan tasting was not only less expensive ($45 vs. $65), but better in both execution and flavor imo. That's not to say the meaty version was bad (the lamb with fresh beans and fennel custard is to die for), but give the vegetarian option a whirl - you won't regret it.