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May 28, 2007 02:28 PM

Yountville Help using Chicago as template

We have two nights in Yountville and are assuming we won't get into FL (pretty safe assumption since its within 60 days). Everything else is pretty wide open. We're staying in town and want to walk (to avoid the designated driver thing). So - Redd, Bouchon, Brix, Domaine, Mustards, Hurleys??? We're not too into frou-frou French or overly pretentious palaces of epicurean delight. To give you an idea of what we like at home in Chicago when we go upscale -- Spring is probably our favorite food/atmosphere and we also like Blackbird, Kevin and Vie. Not huge fans of Schwa, Les Nomades or Everest Room (despite the undeniable high quality of the food at all of them).

Anybody care to give recommendations, maybe even rankings, with commentary?


(P.S. I'll probably be posting similar messages for SF proper and Mendocino shortly but I figured Yountiville will be the tougher reservations.)

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  1. Here are my personal favorites that I have tried.

    1. Ad Hoc (Not pretentious, gracious service, excellent food)
    2. Redd (Good value tasting menu)
    3. Bouchon (straight bistro menu)
    4. Bistro Jeanty (good for lunch)