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May 28, 2007 01:58 PM

Quick and cheap dinner around Eaton Centre

Are there any quick and cheap restaurants around Eaton Centre that are open on Monday? No greasy spoons please, lighter fare preferred.

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  1. If you like thai there is always Salad King. I am not sure of the side street that it is on but it is just north of the eaton centre on the east side of Yonge street.

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    1. re: professor plum

      thank you very much. is that any different from Green Mango? heard good things about it.

      1. re: dooflop

        It's on Gould (immediately to the south of Sam the Record Man). It is different from Green Mango. I like it, but others do not. You may want to do a search on this board for it to get a sense of whether it's likely to be your thing.

        1. re: thought_for_food

          there is also a pickle barrel just up yonge, they have a huge menu with lots of salads.

      2. Spring Rolls at Atrium on Bay is pretty good - Asian Fusion - nothing shocking but reliably good.

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        1. re: Micrapol

          No, no, please not Spring Rolls. Reliably bad "pan-Asian" cooking. Salad King is a much better option.

          1. re: Micrapol

            I really don't like Spring Rolls, they put so much (usually sickly sweet) sauce on everything you can't taste the actual food parts anymore.

          2. Another vote for Salad King, for me the most consistently good reasonably priced thai/asian. I have never like Green Mango. Also check if Le Commencal is open Mondays - vegetarian - at Bay & Elm Sts.

            1. There's also this little hole-in-the-wall takeout burrito place, right beside HMV on Yonge (assuming it's still there). I went once, when it first opened last year, and enjoyed it hugely.

              If you're willing to walk, there's also Coconut Grove, a roti place on Dundas between Bay and University. It's only about a five-minute hike from the Eaton Centre, and worth every step of the trip.

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              1. re: Webdude

                I would also recommend Ginger...Thai place on Yonge, just a bit North of Gerrard.

                  1. re: buttercupv

                    Ginger has pad thai, and besides OP did not request Thai only, just "cheap". I personally prefer Ginger over Salad King.

                1. re: Webdude

                  The hole in the wall is called Chimichanga. The food is great and the prices are quite reasonable. Be aware however there are maybe three stools near the window other than that it is a take out and eat in the square kinda place

                2. When in the area, I always have a tough time deciding between Salad King and Spadina Garden (Dundas, just west of Bay). Spadina Garden is one of my favourite Chinese restaurants.

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                  1. re: Julie McCoy

                    Are they open again? Last time I went past (which was admittedly probably more than a month ago) there was brown paper on the windows and I didn't know if they were closing or renovating.