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May 28, 2007 01:58 PM

All American Hamburger

One of the best fast food burgers and fries I had in a long time. Why they don't have a few other places in LI and in the 5 boro's .

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  1. There was a serious rumour that they were going out of business a couple of years ago, so we should be glad there's still even one around!

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    1. re: coll

      They will never go out of business. That is an absurd rumor.

      As for turning into a chain, they HAVE gotten a few offers. My fam is friends with the owners. They will not sell out, they are trying to keep the business for their family for generations. That is part of the reason why they are doing so well, they ALWAYS have a member of the family somewhere behind the scenes running the show.

      AND, no relation to american burger co. at all. They are completely different, ABC is more of a chain, but still started by some natives. Comparing AA to McDs is a violation of the fast food nation constitution. McDs are good, but cannot compare.

      1. re: Jeffsayyes

        Dude, you're replying to a post that's over a year old, and one that's long since been addressed.

    2. the burgers are great and so are the onion rings. There are two on long island that I am aware of Hiocksville adn Huntington.

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      1. re: linsue

        You must be thinking of some other place as O.P. is writing about All American in Massapequa.

        1. re: linsue

          You're thinking the American Burger Company, and there are *four* locations: Huntington, Hicksville, Smithtown, and Atlantic City. See:
          Look at the Press link at top for the Atlantic City location.

          Every year, a rumor goes around that All-American is going out of business, and every year, they stay.

          I'd say "serious rumor" is an oxymoron, anyway.

          1. re: linsue

            You're thinking the American Burger Company, which actually has four locations: Huntington, Hicksville, Smithtown, and Atlantic City.

            Every year, there's a rumor that All-American is going out of business, and every year, it's still here.

            I think "serious rumor" is an oxymoron, anyway.

            1. re: Scott_R

              By "serious rumor" I meant it was reported in Newsday.

          2. I truly do not understand why there is such a big deal made of this place. Granted, it's a Long Island icon, but the food is incredibly greasy and disgusting. For the money, i can go to McDonalds and get the same food...and save myself the gas money and heartburn after going to this dive.

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            1. re: foodieforthought

              Wow are you wrong on this one. As I have written on chowhound in the past, this is a tiny fast food type place that on site, using whole potatoes, peels, cuts and fries them. Most of the time they are perfect french fries, as good as it gets.If you read the book Fast Food Nation you will recall that McDonalds has a very different method of making french fries. The burgers are a little greasy, but they are very tasty, and some of the best burgers I have eaten have left my shirt stained. All American is a throwback to the days of fast food that tasted good. Sit in your car and have a double double, fries and a shake and be happy.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                I agree. I find this food better than McDonalds. It's an independently run place that prides itself in its food and service. I've never waited more than 15 minutes there, even when the waiting area is filled.
                Best fast food shakes ever. And I love that I can get a burger AND a hot dog.
                We usually make out cheaper at All American than at McDonalds.

            2. The original comment has been removed
                1. re: yankeefan

                  I just went to All American Burger Comany in Smithtown, it is really good, quality food. Not at all greasy as the last post stated. They just expanded all over. I went to the website. I can confirm it's more than one location now. They defintely have 4 or more locations all over the Island including the flagship Merrick Road location.

                  1. re: MEK

                    What website woud you go to, to see the Merrick Rd location. American Burger Company is a concept that John Tunney came up with. This is the same guy who owns Besito and Blue Honu/Honu Kitchen & Cocktails in Huntington. He has nothing to do with All American Burger in Massapequa on Merrick Rd.

                    All American Burger has only 1 location which is in Massapequa their burgers taste like McDonalds but there fries are really top quality.

                    American Burger company has at least 3 locations, Hungtington( the original), Hicksville, and Smithtown. Their was a location in Atlantic City, but i have no idea if it is still open as its not mentioned on the website anymore. I've been to Huntington and to Hicksville and I love their burgers, their fries are good but not as good as All American Burger.

                    I do not think All American Burger has a website but American burger company's website is

                    1. re: jpf1980

                      Just went yesterday...had the new 1/3 pounders...excellent w/ cheese, raw onions, lettuce, tomato and "pink sauce." Also, the sweet potato fries and chocolate soda were as tasty as ever. Really good stuff. I'm glad they're expanding...

                      now, does anyone why or if the Smithtown location is differerent...I saw it called "roudhouse" something or other and wasn't sure why.

                      1. re: GCGuy

                        1/3 pounders, really! are they doing doubles or 4x4's with those? haven't been in a few months, need to get over there soon.

                        i dont think Smithtown has a different name or look, i've passed it before it opened, but have never been in. WHere did u see that?

                        They have sweet potato fries now, i really havn't been there recently, my wife is going to love that.

                        1. re: Scott_R

                          Went to American Burger company for lunch today GCGuy, all because of you. They have added several menu items since the last time i was there. Also they now have bacon and i got distracted from ordering what is a 1/2 pound burger, not 1/3 pounders like you said and wound up getting a double bacon cheeseburer because bacon sounded good, guess i prob could have had bacon on a 1/2 pounder but thats for another time. Like u said they have sweet potato fries, also new are "roadhouse" wings which explains "roudhouse" and a fried chicken club sandwich. All in all, very satisfied by my burger, only complaint is the pricing is getting very high. The price of my doublebacon cheeseburger and fries(not including my soda) was a little over $8 with tax. You can go to a descent pub and have a burger and fries for roughly the same price. Also the guy at the Hicksville location who puts the plates on the table and give you napkins is extremely nice. I wonder if i am supposed to tip him.

                          1. re: jpf1980

                            Sorry about that...1/2 pounder..

                            Jack? Great guy...I don't think you're supposed to tip, but I've done it once in a while.

                            It is getting a bit high...1/2 pder, sp fries, and med drink...$11!!

                            But, hey, it's a cool, local place that wants to expand. What can you do, I guess?

                            1. re: jpf1980

                              I was wondering, the Smithown location that was just reviewed in Newsday, had a different name "American Roadside Burger" Which it seems the others will eventually be renamed. One thing that was different is the smithtown location had a similar take to 5 guys, (lots of toppings you can add) Does the Hickville location do this too? Last time I was there they only had the standard choices, none of this pile on the condiments deal.

                              1. re: MrPhil

                                last time i was in Hicksville which was mid November, they did not do this new toppings thing that Smthtown is doing. I have not made it to the new Smithtown location yet.

                                1. re: jpf1980

                                  The Hicksville location is closed - The building is for sale.

                                  1. re: blitzjb

                                    Not surprised - The few times I went it only had a handful of customers. It was also a couple bucks too expensive for what you got.