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May 28, 2007 01:27 PM


am visiting San Francisco/Monterey/Carmel during the second week of June and am looking for great food at reasonable prices. haven't been to a city yet where there wasn't great food from under $20/entree and I doubt this trip will be the first (with your help, of course). we are open to any type of cuisine/setting so Bay denizens show us what you've got.

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  1. You should check the California board for Monterey-Carmel. Remember Pacific Grove. some really good spots there.

    1. There are a a couple of hundred good SF restaurants that charge under $20 for entrees so you might want to offer some more criteria to narrow down the selection.

      1. Visitors often marvel at the abundance of SF restaurants with entrees entrees are under $20. At a typicalyl delicious, mid-price spot the entrees will range from $17-$23. A few of my personal favorites are Incanto, Aziza, NOPA, Bar Crudo, Out The Door and Farmer Brown.

        A good starting point for your research is the Chronicle Top 100, which includes entree price range in the synopsis (though this can be misleading for small plates spots):
        Of course, not everyone agrees with this list, but it's a good resource to base searches and more specific queries on.

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