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May 28, 2007 01:07 PM

Odd Dining Experience

So for my birthday, my gf takes me to this fusion sushi place that is on the upscale level here in Valencia. First I ask the waitress what part of the cow the flat iron is and she persisted that it was next to the filet. (BTW it is part of the chuck in the top blade according to wikipedia).

We order a variety of dishes, including, fresh oysters, albacore tuna sushi, a rainbow roll, halibut, and some wagyu flat iron steak.

Our oysters arrive, supposed to be trio but there were only 2 types. Whatever, let's just eat it. The freshness of the oysters... let's just say had better days. After spitting it back out, I told the waitress about the unfreshness and asked her if she could take it off the bill. She willingly obliged. (Don't want food poisoning on my birthday)

Our next dish was the albacore tuna sushi which was utterly delightful. Couldn't have asked for a better dish, and contemplated ordering another.

Then came the wagyu flat iron, which exceeded my expectations.

Our rainbow roll comes, in a flaming dish, here is what is said on the menu
"Real blue crab mix, avocado, cucumber, and yellowtail inside.
Topped with white tuna and spicy tropical salsa, then set a blazed"
we didn't expect it to be cooked but it was our fault for not reading the description very well so we ate it. Anyways, the presentation was cool as heck.


so our waitress comes to our table and tells us that the sushi chef said the halibut was bad so he didn't want to serve it, so asked us if we wanted anything else and we just said we were pretty full, BUT, the food server came right behind her and said "halibut sushi" and was about to put it on our table and then she kinda grabbed him away from the table and they both went back into the kitchen whispering something.
It was kind of odd to say the least because if the chef thought the halibut was bad, why did he take the effort to cut and serve it for the server to bring. So I came to the conclusion that, they thought we had high standards and so we would've been dissapointed with the freshness of the halibut or that they don't even have halibut and were serving tilapia.

This incident has been lingering on my mind since last night, do any chowhounders have any theories as to what this meant?

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  1. I will admit that does seem like an odd thing to happen. WHat it meant, I have no idea, other than it seem the kitchen has some sort of communication problems, that night or in general. Reading more than that into it is rather fruitless, IMHO

    1. A strong possibility is that they ran out of the dish and the server didn't know or forgot when you ordered it. Somehow the news doesn't make it to the server until it's almost time to be served. Instead of saying, "we didn't realize that we didn't have enough halibut to cover your order until 2 minutes ago" they say, "the X is unservable." Why the order that almost made it? That was the last one, supposed to go to a table that ordered it before you. Whoever was running the food didn't know what was going on and brought it out.

      Second, though I would say less likely, possibility--the server didn't think the food was up to snuff but kitchen did. This doesn't happen often, but it does happen on occasion. Server says, "I can't serve my table that X. It's not good/fresh/big/whatever enough." Kitchen says, "just serve it." Server refuses. Again, food runner or other server is sent out with food by belligerent kitchen. I've seen this scenario happen, but very, very rarely.

      These aren't the only two possibilities, of course, but they seem the most likely to me.

      1. The original comment has been removed
        1. Sounds like they forgot the halibut order, the waitress made up the excuse when she was aware of the missing order. The chef made the sushi when they discovered the oversight there by blowing the cover off the waitress's story.