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May 28, 2007 12:41 PM

Golden Bird Fried Chicken?

Leaving the LA area for SF in a few weeks. There they rant and rave over three killer fried checken joints; Golden Bird / Pioneer / Lousianna fried chicken. Or Honey's which was run by an X golden bird guy. Didnt have time to visit any of them.

Anyway back to SF. Where in the city proper can I find great fried chicken.

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  1. Im a recent LA transplant. I never heard or tried of Golden Bird or Pioneer (maybe because i havent been searchin for FriedChickn lately)...but tried Lousiana. Im assuming its a chain here, imo, not that great, but decent. The bater and spices are a little more on the salty side compared to KFC or Popeyes (althought not too salty), it's cooked pretty fresh (you can actually see the clerk bater the chicken b4 frying upon order). Lousiana is definitely not something worth "hunting" for though...not like Roscoe's chick n wafles :) Oh how i miss thee

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      I took my daughter to Declancy's cafe. She is a die hard Roscoe fan and she said that the Declancy chicken and waffles are equal to Roscoe's.

      I've never had Roscoe's so can't comment. The Chicken though is one of the best I've had in the Bay Area without a doubt.

    2. There are several branches of Louisiana fried chicken here, if that's what you like. Not that I'm recommending it.

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        1. Farmer Brown and Front Porch both have great fried chicken in SF, though it's not the fast food, Popeye's style. Bit more hip and upscale.

          Nellie's in Oakland for a downhome. old school soul food vibe and excellent fried chicken.

          Roscoes, eh. 900 Grayson in Berkeley has phenomenal fried chicken and waffles.