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May 28, 2007 12:39 PM

Tipping: On The Receiving End Etiquette

I have a part-time job at a local mom n' pop joint where I work at the register and there's a tip jar right where the register is.

My question is... when someone puts a tip in there, do I say thanks, smile back, ignore them, or what? The reason why I find this sorta black and white is when I tip like that I've never heard a thanks and the workers just kinda stay silent and that seems to be the general consensus, BUT at casinos the dealer always says thanks when they get tipped and seem very gracious.

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  1. Smile and say thank you.

      1. re: troutpoint

        I would definitely make eye contact, smile and say thank you. People remember that and it will help you get more tips in the future :)

      2. You can never go wrong with a thank you! On a side-note (that may get deleted by moderators) I am often put off by the tip jars. A thank you with respect to those tips seems completely appropriate in my book.

        1. I say if you are glad of the tip, smile and say thank you. When I tip the jar, that's what folks seem to do where I go. I do sorta sneak it in at ColdStone Creamery tho' sometimes those folks sing!

          1. Definitely smile and say thanks. A Chinese take out place I go to has a tip jar, but it is really hard to reach and I almost never see people use it. The employees speak very little english, but always try really hard to understand and after about two times of going there, would see me come in, say hi (once they said, "Long time no see!" when it had been a couple weeks) and ask if I wanted my usual. The first time I went, I ordered probably $5 and maybe couple cents. When he gave me my change I reached kind of awkwardly and put it in the tip jar. He thanked me several times. Since that time, I always make sure to have a couple ones with me to put in the tip jar because of the genuinely kind appreciation they have shown. Bottomline, when such a small gesture makes someone so happy, I keep doing it because it makes me feel good.