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May 28, 2007 12:36 PM

Private Party Venue

I'm looking for a venue for a private party. We're inviting 150 of our friends and family to celebrate our wedding. It'll be on a Saturday night (July 21). It should have a small patio (for the smokers) and a kitchen that can crank out some modest canapes. Any suggestions?

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  1. Good luck! A buddy is having his 50th, and inviting 150 of his closest friends and asked the same question as he was stupified that Casa Loma was completely booked already!
    Any decent place will have NO openings in the summer. Anything you culd book now would be somewaht iffy. Maybe elope, seriously, I suggested , but havent checked out
    The Enoch Turner Schoolhouse. I've attended a few weddings there, dont know if they can handle 150.

    To save yourself some angst, consider another date, and not a Saturday!

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      Just to clarify for anyone offering suggestions....we aren't planning a sit-down reception. A medium-sized restaurant/lounge/gallery that has a small patio will meet our needs.

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        Maybe try The Academy of Spherical Arts. My husbands law firm always has their christmas party there and it is quite nice. You can have cocktails and play pool or they can do a more formal sit down service. I don't beleive their is a patio but then again we were always there in the winter time.

    2. You could try the Savoy ( We usually do a corporate cocktail party there in the summer. Their third floor can accommodate 150 for cocktails and has both indoor and outdoor space.

      1. I have used a venue in the wintertime as well as been to a summer wedding reception similar to what you mentioned above. The place is called the Wellington Mansion. It's on Wellington St near Spadina, beside Le Select Bistro I don't think it's listed on many places. To me it's one of the best kept secrets. (Venue $ incl 30 parking spots!)

        GREAT back patio that the wedding reception had a full bar and grilling station at as well as room for hightop tables and mingling. Inside can fit a number of people and even a dance floor. Plus there is a downstairs piano bar area that is great for people who want to get away from the noise and any hubbub.
        You can bring in your own caterer. They have full kitchen facilities but the venue does the alcohol (which was reasonable prices)

        The only caveat is the mansion is a century old so although it has GREAT character it's not in pristine condition and has some wear and tear. It worked well for us because we did some modest decor, had the fireplaces going and the lights dim with candles lit for the Christmas season. For my friend's wedding she also had decor and candles.
        Let me know if interested and I'll dig up the number for the venue and the caterer I used. Both got rave reviews and were very reasonably priced.

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        1. re: ciaociao1

          Cutting it kinda close Placet...most good places for weddings are booked a minimum of 1 year in advance. Have you considerd a non-restuarant venue and hiring your own caterer? (i.e. Daniel and Daniel). McMicheal Gallery in beautiful Kleinburg rents itself out for wedding functions in the main lobby (lotsa stone and wooden beams, arching ceilings, very nice). Enoch Turner Schoolhouse is always a good bet as is the Miller Lash House located in a park on the campus of the university of Toronto (Scarborough). Was at a cocktail recption at Hart House at the Univesity of Toronto (St. George Campus) recently. The setting was great and they have a huge stone patio ideal for large gatherings...I think they do the catering which was very good as well.

        2. Congratulations on tying the knot and good luck finding a venue. I planned my June wedding a few years ago, and as you have discovered, it is really difficult to secure a venue. You will need to get creative.

          If you are not fixed on the Saturday night, try the Friday night. That's what I ended up doing and I had a little easier time finding venues and caterers.

          Incidentally, I ended up at The Church on Berkeley. I was not too impressed with the Church management but it is a great venue for a wedding your size. If you do go with them, make sure you are hands on -- do not leave things in their hands! The saving grace was the caterer I hired. I hired Yorkshire Pudding and they did a fantastic job.

          Good luck.

          1. I know it is not exactly what you are looking for but you could check out the Four Seasons Hotel. My frined just booked it for her wedding (August this year), and they are taking care of everything. The price... I believe around $100 per person.