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May 28, 2007 12:20 PM

Casual Date - Need WV/SoHo rec

I have a casual dinner date tonight, so nothing too fancy, I'd like the bill (ideally w/tax&tip) to be around $75 for 2. Given a bit of heat outside right now, looking for something a little lighter - probably no Indian/Thai food (heavy sauces, you get the idea). Looking somewhere around West Village/SoHo/LES area.

I usually check out places like Lima's Taste, Mary's Fish Camp, Bar Pitti, Florencia 13, and Frank but wouldn't mind checking out something new. Grazie-


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  1. Hey! Have fun on your date tonight! I do not live in NYC, so please forgive me if this distance is too-far off, but how about the Spotted Pig? I had such a fun time there! And, I ate at the incredibly delicious Argentinian restaurant the last time I was in NYC. I know not knowing the name does not help you (!), but here is the link of Argentinian restaurants from CitySearch. Perhaps one is close to you. I suggest something eclectic like this, as you can get the most incredible, luscious, and sumptuous steaks from an Argentinian restaurant (not to mention the wine!) and it is a neat, unexpected, and romantic venue which should surprise your date in a favorable way!

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      It does not even come close to reaching your price point, because spending $75 would require more than two people eating, and I will admit ti has been a while since I;ve been, but when iw as dating Cafe Asean was one of my really never miss spots. I took a number of women there, some who knew it was inexpensive as compared to where they normally ate, and every single one of them loved it. my last date there was with a woman from the Upper East Side, who tened to go for more expensive places. She raved about Cafe Asean, and she wanted to bring her friends.

    2. Snack Taverna
      Little Owl

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        Home is cute and they have outdoor dining. The price is right too.

      2. Go to Palacinka - they serve delicious crepes in a rustic atmosphere, very chill.

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          Palacinka reminds me that Cafe Noir is also a pretty good date spot. In fact, CN would be my choice over palacinka any day.

        2. Cornelia St. Cafe or Extra Virgin could work