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May 28, 2007 11:19 AM

Crab Feast for 75 in Baltimore?

Does anyone know of a good Crab place in Baltimore. paper over the tables and diggin in with your hands style? I want to have a NOT stuffy Rehersal dinner convenient to the Inner Harbor that won't kill my budget, and will let me have some good pictures of messy family and friends.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. I don't know if either of these places have rooms for a party of that size, but Obrycki's is the classic place to go, and Bo Brooks is down in Canton, not far from the Inner Harbor and right on the water. I haven't been to Bo Brooks in years (I don't live in Baltimore anymore, just go to visit) but the last time I had crabs, they were from Obrycki's, and those were quite good.

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      Thanks! We checked out Bo Brooks, but Obrycki's is a new one. We'll check it out!

    2. Wow. 75 people at a rehersal dinner? How many people are attending your wedding?

      It's a great idea but, to be honest with you, crabs for 75 people will also be quite expensive. I would check into Capt James Landing on Boston street between Fells and Canton. They will allow you to reserve the entire outside patio next to the water (it's covered too so weather won't be an issue). It would be a great setting for some messy outdoor photos - and the crabs are pretty good too.

      There are a couple of pictures of their outdoor deck on their website -

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        lol! It's not a traditional "rehersal dinner" More like a "welcome to town" for about half of the guest list.

        I'll check this out, Thanks!

      2. You may want to consider finding a nice park and bring in the crabs. Kent Island Crab Company on Mountain Road (Rte 177) in Glen Burnie/Pasadena has great ones for big events like that.

        It will cost you a pretty penny, however. At my grad party about 5 years ago, I paid $225 a bushel. And that was for a crowd of about 25.


        1. If you don't care so much about having great or even pretty good crabs <grin>, I would recommend LP Steamers. I had to organize a crab feast for about 65 people. Mr. Bud there gave us a great price, including beer, was great to deal with, and let us have the entire second floor.

          I also checked out Capt James Landing, as mentioned above, but they were incredibly expensive, and booked for the date I wanted....and I called months in advance!

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            We got 2 bushels to go from LP Steamers this past weekend for a Memorial Day crabfeast and they were GREAT. Very heavy, bigger than I expected, good flavor. I've had hit or miss experiences w/ them in the past so I was weary when my wife suggested it, but I am thrilled we went w/ LP Steamers for carryout.

            Obrycki's is just ok in my opinion- I prefer the Old Bay style seasoning to their black pepper-heavy version. I think their location is not nice enough for a rehearsal welcome-to-town party- inside is fine, but the outside can be a bit too Baltimore for some.

            Bo Brooks is a nice location, nice for out of town guests.

            My friends are having the exact same thing as you are- "rehearsal dinner/crabfest," and they're renting the entire patio at Captain James Landing...