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Oct 19, 2005 06:33 PM

Best Pumpkin Pie

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Hi all,

I was told recently that there is a Half Moon Bay Bakery that served the best Pumpkin Pie in the area, but only bake it during the month of October. I am wondering if anyone know what is the name of the bakery and also your vote for the best pumpkin pie in the bay area.


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    ChowFun (derek)

    I haven't tried Half Moon Bays...but I think "Fat Apple's" is the best I have had !
    They have 2 locations

    Fat Apple's Restaurant - 0.8 miles N - 1346 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Berkeley, 94709 - (510) 526-2260
    Fat Apple's Restaurant - 2.5 miles NW - 7525 Fairmount Ave, El Cerrito, 94530 - (510) 528-3433

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    1. re: ChowFun (derek)

      Hmm, but Fatapples is in the Bay Area. But yeah food is great. Haven't had the pies in a while though.

      In OC, people seem to like the Filling Station's pies. Personally am not a fan, but I totally get whipped for that opinion hehe. Portions are huge though, which I like.

      LA times just did a story on Oak Glen if anyone is doing an apple pie...

      1. re: jschyun

        OMG, I apologize. I thought I was on the L.A. board for a sec.

        1. re: jschyun

          I had a piece of pumpkin pie from Crixa in Berkeley that was very good!

          1. re: Oakland Barb

            Is the pie available now at Crixa? Do they sell by the piece? Last year some publication mentioned they had the best pumpkin pie in the Bay Area.

            I like Fatapples pumpkin pie too. The texture of the filling is rich and creamy. If you like a spicy pie though, the spice is mild.

            My fallback is always Sconehenge which sells at Berkeley Bowl and at their bakery up the street. There is almost an eggnog note to the filling.

            Tried Masa's pumpkin 'pie'. Lovely, tasty little pumpkin tart decorated with a pretty leaf cut out. However it is a tart and not a pie. It didn't give me my pumpkin pie rush.

            1. re: rworange

              If you check their website, it tells you what's available on a day to day basis. I did get it by the piece.

              1. re: Oakland Barb
                Bob Huenemann

                I don't know about pumpkin, but Cunha's Country Store has fresh pies from Norm's and frozen unbaked pies from Duarte's, both in Pescadaro and both outstanding.

              2. re: rworange
                ChowFun (derek)

                Let us not forget to mention Fatapples...crust!!!...Incredible! They have a great turnover of the pies always seems to be fresh, and the crust..crisp.
                I WISH they would open a San Francisco branch ..preferably in my neighborhood!!

              3. re: Oakland Barb

                Well, so far ... I haven't tried Lolas yet.

                Really being a traditionist in terms of pumpkin pie, don't mess with perfection, I was a little dismayed to see Crixa had a deep dish pie (pic below). I was ready and raring to hate it.

                Every good thing about pumpkin pie is in there ... deep pumpkin flavor, rich custardiness, the perfect balance of spices, the lightest notes of brown sugar and perhaps maple syrup or molasses (but not obnoxious). The buttery deep dish crust worked so well, enough to contain the pumpkin filling.

                In this old Chowhound link, the poster says

                "And it was--superlatives always risky--maybe the best pumpkin pie I've ever had: perfect crust, rich, sweet-but-not-too-sweet, full pumpkin taste, creamy. I had one of those almost painful experiences, where with each delicious bite, you realize that soon it will be gone!"


                Geez, I remembered that 2003 post. Here's a link to the Crixa website and their description. Glad they offer slices since it would have been a major decision to purchase a whole pie unsampled.



        2. You may be thinking of Half Moon Bay Coffee Company. They have amazing pies. I don't know if they only serve pumpkin during October. Well let me restate that, I know they make it for Thanksgiving, but maybe only October-November.